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Operating Systems


Which operating do you use either Professionally or Personally  

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  1. 1. Which operating do you use either Professionally or Personally

    • Windows 98/xp/vista etc.
    • Mac OS
    • Linux (any distrobution)
    • A Mixture

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Yeah, you can boot from CD (and there's a DVD version too) but these are read-only so not much good for when you make changes, create files, etc. Besides, carrying a CD is cumbersome.


I have a 1Gb USB drive on my keyring which still has 400mb free after I install Linux to it. I have a dream of being able to plug this into any one of several computers that I use on a daily basis and have my OS looking and behaving as it did in either other location.


Unfortunately my PC just says 'No OS installed...' when I try to boot from it. I'm sure it's something simple.

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3 XPs at the moment.

I'm considering a Mac mini as an internet box, so we'll see where that goes.


I'm not really too interested in playing with the OS any more, now there is little enough time to learn the applications well enough, and XP has the applications I use.


OSX would cover maybe 80% not so bad, but I doubt Linux has affordable alternatives to much of what I need.

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I forgot to add that all the genuinely cool Linux GNU free software projects appear to have an XP build too; Open Office, The GIMP, Blender, etc.


Not that this is a reason for not using Linux, but it's also not a reason for using it... if that makes any sense.

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linux - affordable?

Most of its free!


Are there free pro level packages for video editing and post productions, CAD, 3d poly and nurbs modeling?

I think what there is available is at the higher end of the market?


I'm aware of Blender, but it's not quite there, and to learn a new package it'd have to have some advantages.....

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Using Mac OSX because it is the best OS that I have tried, including all of the ones that I have supported DOS 3.3 to MS Windows 2000 Cluster Server, various flavours of Linux, RISCOS etc. etc.


I have though got a promise of an "old" PC, which I am going to convert into a Linux backup server, probably Ubuntu, but I have other Linux CDs hanging around.


I use Win PCs at work but thoroughly wash my hands when I finish using them.

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ArabiaTerra - what your speaking about is DirectX support on Linux of which there is none.


You can however get around the DirectX issue, with such things as the WineX/Cadega emulators, which alows games programmed to run on windows run on Linux. Depending on system performance.




Pooks - Macs are fantastic. :D

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