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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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mareel 750 capacity, a lot less than were able to enjoy the gig last night.
As has been the case from the outset, and has been discussed many times in this thread, Mareel was designed with the size of Shetland audiences and the capacity of other venues in mind.


The Clickimin is too big for most bands (and comedians) in terms of audience numbers, with a capacity up to around 1400. And hiring the hall and kitting it out with staging, PA, lights etc makes it too expensive for most gigs.


Larger country halls have a capacity of about 200 - too small for many visiting acts.


Hence, Mareel has a standing capacity of around 750 and a seated capacity of around 250, depending on the layout of the stage and seating and the nature of the event.


Mareel will also have an in-house PA and lighting system, reducing the cost of putting on gigs considerably.


For acts that will draw crowds of 750+, such as Bill Bailey, the Clickimin will still be used.


And once the SA crowd have sorted all their mates with tickets there will be a hell of a lot less tickets for the general public.
I’m not sure what you’re picking at here, but Bill Bailey wasn’t booked by Shetland Arts and the tickets were sold via the Shetland Box Office at Islesburgh. As an employee of Shetland Arts, I can assure you that we received no preferential treatment.


Tickets for all Shetland Arts events are sold via the Box Office and are publicised in the local media and on the Internet - www.shetlandarts.org - www.facebook.com/shetlandarts - www.twitter.com/shetlandarts


If you have legitimate concerns about how events are publicised or tickets sold, I'd like to hear them.


Will the Shetland public, or private groups be able to hire Mareel for a venue to play live gigs?
Yes, all the spaces in Mareel will be available for hire. Get in touch if you want more info - http://www.shetlandarts.org/contact/
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Skaterboy, I'm nothing to do with SA.Didn't get any tickets for BB, wasn't bothered.Wasn't offered any preferential treatment, either.

Any "crap spewewd" out is just my opinion, just like yours.

"just ask the baron"-

-I like it! What would you like to know?

I'd like to know if you plan to do anything interesting at the new venue.


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Thats exactly what Mareel is for! (along with plenty of other things, obviously)


My biggest reason for supporting the Mareel project is for the benifits it will bring to rural halls/event, letting us bring up bigger names for a couple of nights, which up until now has been a risky/barely profitable excercise at best.

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Oh is it bash Mareel time again? Already?


I will not bash Mareel, but give you my honest opinion.


1. I can not see the point of the building when the Garrison, Islesbrugh etc. fulfil the same purpose.

2. Spending such a sizeable amount of money on a public building seems misguided (to me) when you consider the struggle SRT is having to ensure their facilities are viable.

3. The location of the project is wrong in my opinion. Having a facility that is similar (as in a public space) next to the Museum is misguided.

4. I wonder who will fund the upkeep of the building. If it is through public money I can not see how the council can afford it. Think about the cuts going through at the moment...


It does reek as an organisation that had money burning a hole in their pockets to me.

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4. I wonder who will fund the upkeep of the building. If it is through public money I can not see how the council can afford it. Think about the cuts going through at the moment...



It is supposed to make sufficient profit to pay for itself (which has been already been debated at length on this thread) though the Charitable Trust agreed to make a contribution to any deficit in the first year of operation.

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Bash Mareel - well why not? after all were all entitled to our views as citizens.


Each to their own as regards the project, that's the way it should be, but for what it's worth i think it won't pay for itself.


I believe realistically there's not a scoobies chance of that, and in the long term it WILL be a serious financial drain on local resources.


I may be proved wrong and i'll be the first to hold my hands up and say so, but as the old saying goes "time will tell".

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