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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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Well, I wouldn't argue an award wasn't appropriate.....for the DITT boys being able to make such a effort actually stand upright in the first place, that is. :wink:


Thats for sure , The DITT boys have done an excellent job considering the awkwardness o it all , Hats off to them defo. :)

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Is the auld guy in dad's army said 'We're doomed we're doomed' da sooner all those people who support mareel realise this the better.!!!..(Look at this weeks paper spinner and admit it more delays more off Shetlands peoples money thrown away)..Is it not time your dream ended and admit it its a NON STARTER...:roll: :roll: :roll:

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Hmm, if it were a non starter, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?


It is there, the problems of building such projects have risen their head and has caused delays. So what.?

Things that do not start tend not to be there, yet here we are.

I am sure if they dropped all plans and abandoned the project you would complain too.

Would the real Victor Meldrew please stand up.


The trouble with tiny vision is that is does not need much real thought.


The Mareel will offer more than just a cinema or club or hall. It will be an education center, the museum would use it, SIC too. It will teach all folks.

Budding film makers can screen their work, artists can show their skills.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Can you dispute, apart fom the opening date anything here




And this is how folk now report on Shetlanders;


Despite the project’s lengthy gestation – dating back to at least 1996 – having entailed extensive local research and consultation, prior to rigorous assessment of the plans by external funding bodies, some Shetlanders had always seen Mareel as a luxury too far, even for their oil-rich economy. As the credit crunch bit, and the mood of financial anxiety spread, such arguments came increasingly to the fore - and as can happen in small island communities, the debate swiftly became polarised, even bitter.


But they say this too.


Education was another strong suit, with many of Mareel’s facilities designed in conjunction with Shetland College, who plan to expand their range of music technology and media production courses, offering hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art working venue. Combined with the actual entertainment on offer, it’s hoped that this will persuade more young Shetlanders to remain in the islands, as well as attracting newcomers from outside.


So, it seems someone has the vision to strive forward. Instead of sitting back and watching folk leave.


Sadly the report from a couple of years ago reports that the cash be spent on housing or the elderly in some folks view, alas this would not happen as the cash has come from various sources.


n August 2008, HIE approved funding of £965,000 towards Mareel. Other funders of the project include the Scottish Arts Council, Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Development Trust, ERDF and the Gannochy Trust. The Centre will be owned and managed by the Shetland Arts Development Agency (SADA), a registered charity and HIE account managed social enterprise.


So, really if you really wanted a say on how a Charity you may need to get involved, instead if throwing pebbles from a distance.


It shows as well, if you get involved, you can get things done.


I do not remember any of the opposition putting any other plan forward to develop such a place, put forward a plan to promote Shetland and its talent, think about how Shetland should stand in the world arts scene, c'mon, you have had since the last century to do that.


It does seem that some folks have failed the islands by not doing this, if they think the Mareel is not right.



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Yes Ghost that may be the case but no one can deny that the sydney opera house has style , this lump o crap looks like a grain silo thats been hit by a twister !!! And nae doubt someone will win an award for it...just to add insult to injury !

:twisted: :lol:

Does it not kind of come back to the same usual problem though? Should more money have been spent on it to make it look better? What balance should you take when spending public money on the line between "purely functional" and "architectural icon".

Add £1M to the price and make it pretty? There'd be some view express on that quick enough....... ;)

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Guest SJP17

Its going to be brilliant i cant wait for this to open , if they can get the right musicians playing it will be a success , the only slight concern i have is that the cinema will struggle , i would imagine it costs a lot of money to show newly released films or do they take a percentage of the box office ?

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What balance should you take when spending public money on the line between "purely functional" and "architectural icon".


On which side of the line does Mareel as is fall? Point being, if this is in the "iconic" camp, its a Fail. If its in the "functional" camp its likewise, as a portal frame Big 6 clad shed for wind and watertight skin would have looked much better.

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I approve of the concept of an arts and cinema venue in Lerwick even thought I will not be able to make much use of it having moved to a more remote part of Shetland.


I suppose the location is reasonable although I well remember that the old ice factory was turned down as a potential nightclub for being too near the waters edge.


I presume that those in charge of the design of the building have got the technical bits right in terms of acoustics for music and soundproofing for the whole place.


I guess that when it is completed it will win some awards for its architectural merits.


And I am certain that if Tesco had built it it would have been up an running by now having been built ahead of schedule and under budget! And that allows for unusual events such as winter and sub contractors going bust.

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On which side of the line does Mareel as is fall?

Yeah, it'd likely always be up for debate, regardless. The architects would likely be happy enough to have another £1m lumped on the "exterior appearance" budget, but the end result would likely get just as wide a range of opinions.

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Well if Mareel was as good as posers the council would have given it a 2 am licence.


If Posers is the benchmark from which other pubs are judged, I am glad that Mareel has not been deemed to be in the same catagory.


I shall refrain from posting my feelings on Shetlands "top" nightspot that is Posers, mainly due to the T&C's on here, and also my fear of the Trade Descriptions Act, which I would certainly breach if I were to mention "Posers" and "Nightclub" in the same paragraph.


Anyone who has ever set foot out of these Islands will know that there is a huge hole begging to be filled in the entertainments department up here, and Mareel is our best chance at the moment. Don't hold your breath waiting for our local Publicans to spend a few pounds improving their venues, as we have proved we are more than happy to return week after week to their greth strewn, grotty establishments and put up with their substandard services.

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^^ :thmbsup


While I have significant misgivings about numerous aspects of Mareel, a decent venue is desperately needed. So I'll much rather take what we're getting, however much less than ideal I tend to think it is, than have to put up with nothing but the existing provision.

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