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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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Mareel clad in wood isnt a good idea! Being in a marine environment means any coat of paint wont last more than a year or two before it would start to look worn-out. The huge surface area of the building would mean annual maintenance costs running into thousands of pounds if they had to keep re-painting it.


I like the look of the building as it is. It's modern and really adds a point of interest to Lerwick harbour. The whole North Ness is looking great with the new business park, mareel and museum.


Can't wait for it to open so we can start enjoying what it's got to offer.


Cedar holds its colour well, even unpainted (doesn't rot either), and holds paint very well when painted.


The North Ness was starting to look "okay" before they put up yun thing with a "see in one side, see out the other side" roof. It though at least has a peaked roof, which is in keeping with the surroundings, Mareel has a reverse peak, which to my eye just makes it look weird among what it sits. Had they built it with a "normal" peak, I think I could have probably shrugged off how it looked as not being to my tastes, but tolerable.


The silver colour is questionable, but I could probably live with it if that was all, but between the weird roof and the glass walls terminating at weird angles, I can't see it as anything else but ugly, and best described as inspired by some of the worth traits of kitch 70's building design.


Quite right though, its there now, and while I am never going to like the appearance of the building, lets get the damn place opened and at least appreciate what the facilities inside can provide.

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... lets get the damn place opened and at least appreciate what the facilities inside can provide.


Yeah, just how large are the bogs, will they have the usual assortment of vending machines, hair dryers, decent mirrors, sensor taps that work properly so you don't end up getting scalding water on ya body, hand dryers that work and/or hand towels, curling tongs/hair straighteners; not forgetting mother/baby feeding room/changing room and ...


... oh, you meant the Gents' facilities? :wink:

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Excellent news then, you could have just said that in the first place but an honest and legitimate answer is good enough for me.


It would be a pleasure to give more 'first place' answers, but it's tricky to reverse engineer a rumour :wink:


Maybe but you chose not to correct me straight away!


The way I see it, you seem to be on the pulse Bryan(regarding this issue) and there is so much crap written on this forum and certainly in this thread you have the power to dampen a lot of these rumours, so do just that! :wink:


I didn't choose 'not to correct' you straight away - when you asked me a question directly, I responded directly :)


Yes, there is a lot of 'crap' written on here about Mareel, but I try to keep people informed as best I can, correct misinformation and answer questions. However, life is too short to second guess and attempt to address every rumour that arises. Rumours tend to disappear as quickly as they appear, without the need for intervention.


The building is sinking...

The roof has fallen in...

The glass has fallen out...

Costs are now at £30 million...


That's just four of the rumours I've heard so far today



I tend to find most stories of imminent disaster on a construction project follow this critical path


1 Pub

2 Worker

3 Moaning about work

4 Overheard by layman who knows hee haw about building

5 Relayed to another layman who knows less about building

6 Second layman tells his mother

7 Second layman's mother tells everyone else who will listen

8 General public has totally wrong end of stick and accuses anyone involved with the project of being a feckless moron.


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Mareel will be one of the very best things to happen in Shetland for years, with all money well spent.

Negativity has no place here...

BUT.... Did Mareel employ the same Graphic Artists that drew the Graphics for the now halted AHS at the Knab?

It certainly seems to me, that all the people portrayed in both these Projects are Sizes 8 to 10.

Whit's happened to all the 4 x 4 Ersis in these drawings?

Are they no allowed in? :)

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Mareel will be one of the very best things to happen in Shetland for years, with all money well spent.


There is negativity and then there is Shetlink.


Not forgetting, of course, facetiousness, and some of us having a grip on reality.

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