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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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The Mareel night club could stand to make a few pound now after the troubles posers are having. The new council might even grant them a 2am license, we will have to wait and see.



What is the troubles posers are having , licence ? finance ? does anyone know ?


Bouncers with no license, that is all!

The security industry association has sent a report to the Home Office thats all!


SIA can be quite strict on this type of thing actually. If I remember correctly (from memory), whilst it may say on their website that they prefer not to prosecute, it isn't unknown for them to prosecute and whack a hefty fine on both the employer and the security guard/door supervisor/whatever. In addition, if someone working in the security industry has a complaint made against them, they're not allowed to work if it is reportable to the SIA and are suspended whilst the investigations are ongoing - it can take blooming months!

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as far as the cinema in mareel goes ,much will depend on what films they show and when, films need to be shown as they come out,not once they are released on dvd


That's the point of a digital cinema. That's what we're getting. The films come on a hard drive, not several massive cans comprising of hundreds of feet of film.


Eventually, it probably won't even make sense to use physical storage. They'll just download the film from a server somewhere.


So yes, the films will be shown when they come out. Not weeks or months later. This has been explained several times.

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folk should boycott mareel
Well yes I suppose they should if they are some sort of stupid person who is prepared to carry their objection to the project to extremes. More reasonable objectors will just accept that it is now built (almost) and will use it if there is something that they want to see.


Of course I expect anyone who is prepared to boycott Mareel and who is against the Viking Energy wind-farm to boycott electricity once that project is completed. Makes as much sense.

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I note today that their is a Fiddle Frenzy gig booked to play in Mareel on the 7th of August. Does this mean that we are getting close to an official opening date? Surely they must know when they are going to be open now?


Not being negative, I'm genuinely excited for the opening of Mareel and can't wait to use it! :)

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