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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue

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I'll do my best to briefly address some of the concerns raised here, but there's not much to add that hasn't been covered in considerable detail in previous posts dating back a number of years.   Re:

After reading many of the posts on this thread I was expecting the worst but having visited Mareel recently to see a film I can only say I was well impressed.  I managed to get a car parking space rig

Cant fault the Mareel at all, i love it and it was well needed in Shetland. the cinema is awesome and the staff are all friendly and helpful

I'm hoping they will introduce reserved seating again when Screenplay has finished (don't know if that has anything to do with it or not).


Much prefer to reserve my seat, especially when you are going with the bairns or in a largeish group, as then you can be assured you will all get to sit together.


Best to request that on their facebook page - they read that, see what answer you get, I like to know where my seat is going to be too.

Like we used to have in the Garrison films.

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I have to say I totally disagree, I like unreserved seating and more cinemas south are starting to use this.


It means you can sit wherever you want, and if you get there early enough I am sure large groupes can still sit together. It also eliminates all the hassle of folk sitting in other peoples seats, and cinema staff having to get people to move. (There are always people who either don't like the seats they are given, or just don't seem able to find their proper seats, so take ones which aren't theirs)


You just turn up and grab a seat. I think it is a much better idea personally.

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more cinemas south are starting to use this

That's presumably because they don't have to employ someone to administrate the seating plan.

Due to people's natural preference for sitting apart from strangers, with free seating you very often get single seats unoccupied between groups. "Manned" booking does give couples or families a greater chance of sitting together. But it looks like that has been dropped for Mareel, so it's down to a scrum at the queuing point inside.

At least with the old system you had a choice of not buying a ticket if there were only single seats left - I've always enjoyed cinema/theatre-going as a shared experience. Now it's a lottery on arrival. Maybe this is a way of maximising profits from the drink & popcorn sales as people might not be able to share so buy twice as much to be safe!

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Coughs, stand by for moi defending Mareel ...


If I remember correctly, I read somewhere (can't find it now) that for the time being you couldn't reserve seats but they might review it at a later date.


Many cinemas down south only operate a reservations policy when they anticipate a popular film selling out.

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Every cinema I've been tae sooth is unreserved seating and personally I prefer that. It seems there are some folk aroond who are picking holes in mareel for the sake of it. It is an absolutely amazing facility. It's here lets embrace It and stop moaning...how about that for a concept???!!!


Have only been to cinemas in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and (certainly the last times I have been there) it has always been reserved seeking.


Fully intend to "embrace" Mareel - have always been a supporter. Don't see why that should stop me commenting on something that I think will make it a better experience.

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