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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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Went last night for the first time, overall impression was one of nice but nothing special.


The cinema is fab, comfy chairs, crisp picture, and sound. I do however feel that i am struggling to understand where the money went to build the place as it's pretty bare inside - did they run out of money for pictures on the walls etc?


People's handprints upstairs i guess are a cheap way of putting something on the walls i guess!

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Cinema is just one part of Mareel albeit the most commonly used part. There is also the auditorium and recording studio, education rooms and all the lighting, sound, computing and technical equipment that goes with it. Looking forward to experiencing the live music side of things tonight at the blues festival performaces. :D

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i went to Mareel last night. i too,was disappointed in the building.


it could have been anywhere...just a municipal building. just putting Shetland words on the wall,is not enough to give it a unique feel.


I think the museum,for instance,has achieved this much better.


some poor design issues,the folk coming out of screen 2,have to come through those queueing for screen 1.


it was not so bad last night,as there was only a handful of people exiting screen 2,but it could end up a bit of a mess,if there are larger crowds.


i thought it was drab and sterile.


The cinema experience was good...loud...but that's probably just me!

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Spinner72 says films like "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Amazing SpiderMan" are "yesterday's news now". In effect, he seems to be saying "it doesn't matter, get over it".


Hmmmm... Maybe if this wasn't Shetland, and we hadn't been denied these movies until now (I thought Mareel hadn't even shown Spidey yet, but, hey, maybe I got that wrong? :?: ), you might have a point. But this is Shetland, and we have been denied these and other Summer blockbuster fare until now.


Maybe you made it to the mainland for them, Spinner? Maybe you saw TDKR last week? In which case, congratulations, but as I keep saying, thanks to the stupid times, my son didn't, and, excuse me, if that irks me somewhat. It upset him to miss it for such senseless reasons, and, by extension, that has upset and annoyed me, as well (it would have been easy for me to have gone on my own, but that's not the kind of father I like to be.)


Also, it's been a very commonly asked question, both here in this forum, and amongst friends when we've discussed the new cinema... "Will they be showing 'The Dark Knight Rises', and when??". Pardon us, if we've all been discussing yesterday's news.


And it's the whole listing that staff are unaware of, not just the times (scheduling) the movies are to be shown at. That's just dumb. Really poorly organised and planned. Let's hope it gets better. I really would like it to.

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Ive been several times to Mareel in the past week and have been blown away by it. I am so glad they spent the money on the technology (Sound & Visuals) and not the looks. Even the soundproofing is amazing. Really lookin forward ta seeing a gig there. I appreciate a good rig. (no da plough kind, though i lik dat too) Ive even managed to see films that are supposed to be poorly scheduled. Does dis mean my schedule is wrang?

Should I be more critical?

I wis I coold see me hand in front o me face :?:

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Really? I thought a non-anonymous line to them might help, inviting their comment, but then maybe that's just me.


Some verrrry defensive types here. Like I said, I want to like it. And, yes, it IS about how it doesn't suit my family - not me, my son, in this instance. I thought I'd made that much clear. And, Siccar, I'm guessing you're an adult. Congrats on making those strangely scheduled times. My son isn't, and so it is he that has missed out here, and me that is taking it up on his behalf.


Or am I merely supposed to say, "Well, it doesn't suit my family so far, but I'm sure everyone else is delighted and maybe it's just me, so I won't say anything. After all, that's the Shetland way, isn't it?"


Nope, I think I'll still stick with my original plan, while inviting anonymous individuals to attempt to display their moral and social superiority over mine. Or someone with inside knowledge to inform me as to why they run things this way?


I hadn't realised that was not allowed here, and it is counted unreasonable to not find perfection in the place. Oh, and your halo is in the post :roll: .

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Well, I was supposed to be there this afternoon to see Brave wi my sis in law and two bairns.


She booked the 4 tickets online at a cost of £26 but when she went to collect them at the reception at 1.15 there was no record of her purchase and no spare tickets. Cue two heartbroken and bewildered peerie bairns....


We decided to buy them popcorn anyway and when we mentioned what had happened to the lady serving us it was her who said that there was actually another showing of Brave on Wednesday evening so we went back to the booking lady and booked it for then at a further cost of £19( why did the booking lady not tell/offer us that?).


What irked me was the total lack of customer care. No offer to look into it, no offer of a refund and no offer or suggestion of another film.


Obviously my sis in law will need to check on what's happened to her original £26 and get a refund if necessary and I know there's bound to be teething problems but that's not a good first impression of Mareel.....

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all this moans would be better on Mareels facebook page (if you have it), they seem to be reading that, and if your lucky they might 'copy and paste' a reply to your comments.


Iv'e been to see a couple of films, i thought it was ok in screen one anyway. At the end of the day its a box with seats in it, to look at a big white wall, nothing special and nothing better than you would expect anywhere else sooth. (but good that its here) it could have done with some extra decoration to make it feel posher and unfinished, but when your watching a film does that matter?


I did notice that the seat backs were lower down than most of the seats south, ie here it finishes at the back of you kneck/head where south its above your head. but does that matter?


I agree about the seat numbers issue. I like to know whare i'm sitting befour i go. I was in the new cinema in Aberdeen the other month and you defently had seat numbers there. In most cinemas Iv'e been to but as the screens are so big then apart from the weekends you can sit anywhere as not many go, so it doesnt matter. (they used to do that in the Garrison when they put films on there)


The hand drawings looked like grafti and should be washed off!


The 'bar' outside the cinema door in the corrodor was a blockage and a daft place to put it as it mucked up the queing system. to the cinema. if it had been out of the way on the otherside it would have been a lot btter and out of the way. plus when all 200 folk came out you wouldnt fall over it. Move it to somewhere else folk!


but at the end of the day its just a point of view folks which we are all alowed, good or bad.


I want to get to October when they start showing current films and not the summer ones we have missed. with beter choise through the week and not the hot potch / here and there like what we have been getting

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