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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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"Mareel is the UK's most northerly music, cinema and creative industries centre."


No mention of being a Gastronomical centre of excellence.

So why do folk keep complaining about the food side of things?

Just accept it for what it is.

Well it could have something to do with Shetland Arts showing how much the bar and catering side of the venue would contribute towards the running costs........and maybe the fact that bad bar and catering facilities might plunge the place into a financial loss.


I suggest the takings were based on a bar that only replaces the sawdust weekly and sells sandwiches based on a British Rail receipe.

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Moaning because as I said in a new thread Shetland Arts claimed the cafe bar would contribute so much towards the running costs of Mareel.....a lot more than many people thought possible. So it is reasonable for all complaints about the highly profitable cafe bar to be raised so that the management can do something about them.


Actually I am also left wondering if the way the cinema listings are displayed is really suitable for the majority of Shetland folk who do not live in Lerwick.

Or is Mareel just for Lerwick?

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Another outlet for the bile factor...


Surely the food isn't that bad ... or is it? :wink:


I am sure you will let us know, you could also visit the Museum as well....2 firsts, I guess I will get there first, It will take a while to get Father Jack away from his literature...



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£12,000,000 could've been spent so much better. What a great shame. Where's the Ice Rink? Where's the 10 pin bowling? Where's the soft ball toy / games / slide area for kids? Where's the arcade?......the list goes on and on.


What was sorely needed (and still is) was a £12,000,000 complex featuring all of the above inc cinema. For the 'normal' family all we really have is a cinema and a small cafe / bar...for £12,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the families who enjoy music and education aren't 'normal'??


Do you really think you'd get a two screen cinema, cafe bar, ice rink, bowling alley, "soft ball toy / games / slide area" and arcade (not forgetting the music hall, rehearsal spaces, recording studio and education facilities) for £12 million? I'm not sure that you would.


If you really want such a facility, why don't you start a campaign to raise the money and get one built? Folk started such a campaign to build Mareel about 15 years ago.

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Being a Gold card holder I've been to Mareel on several occasions now, including a concert and a social visit to the bar. The service, staff and facilities have been fantastic each time. I can't say I've any complaints other than the rather tacky 'wall of hands', which I hear is being painted over anyway.

I understand the complexities in scheduling movies and making deals with distributors so have no issues with the fact that, for instance, Skyfall will be the only movie on screen 1 for the next fortnight. Plenty of people have been asking for movies on release and that's what they've got for one of the biggest releases of the year.


It actually surprises me the amount of people who post on the facebook page with the assumption that movies should be scheduled by public choice? I can't imagine this happens anywhere else in the UK but some seem to think that as Mareel was built with public money it should be run by the public. I imagine that if it were then it would be closing it's doors within the first year. Paranormal Activity 4 seems to be a good example of this at the moment. I'm a rabid horror movie fan but have no real want to see the weakest entry in an already diminished franchise so am glad that they won't be showing it. Instead, we get an exclusive Halloween showing of one of the greatest horror movies of modern times, in a format as yet unseen. Quality over quantity for sure.


As for the cafe/bar area (I haven't ordered food there yet so can't comment but to be honest Mareel wouldn't be my first choice for lunchtime snacks anyway), I wouldn't be surprised if a large percentage of the forecast takings come from music events such as Slam or the Blues Festival, where the bar(s) were heaving.

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music hall, rehearsal spaces, recording studio and education facilities) for £12 million? I'm not sure that you would.


Why on earth do we need education facilities when there is a new High School planned? Rehearsal spaces & recording studio...what % of Shetlanders will ever use them...seriously? Do i really need to campaign for something so obvious?


There was sausage all to do for young families during the dreary winter months before Mareel and there is sausage all to do after Mareel.


I bet you're also one of those anti-Tesco people...for my money a far better asset to Shetland than the already infamous Mareel....and if it had a cafe guaranteed it would be better and far cheaper than the Mareel effort.

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They seem fine from here..




I am sure you may be able to deposit your comments and suggestions to somewhere that may be able to A/Do something about them and B/Be able to answer.



If that was a comment about my complaining that the cinema listings are not that great then how do you explain four and a half days listings as suitable for the other half of the Shetland population who need to make lots of plans to go to Mareel for anything ending after 5pm. I need to check on late buses plus late ferries and then book a fairly expensive taxi to get home from Mareel in the evening. Or to book a hotel/b&b in Lerwick. Helps to have a full listing at least a week ahead.
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