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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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Maybe the people in town walk there and don't drive? Been twice in the last 2 weeks to cinema, it was very busy. Cafe busy too. When I went last week there was a conference there, also very busy. Going again later for another film. 
Maybe you should go instead of sitting indoors pleepsing on here. #justsaying 

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@sharalee99 - Did you get out of bed on the wrong side this morning?  You obviously missed the smiley winky face!

Good point you made regarding people walking there and don't drive; however, Mareel is meant to be for all of Shetland, not just those living in Lerwick.

I would have gone to Mareel more than twice since it opened IF I could have got tickets/afforded to drive there/been something on that I wanted to see.  I did enjoy the niche films I saw and thought it was great that they were on show up here.  I didn't like the disabled access being reliant upon staff for the main screen and much preferred the smaller cinema.  The staff were polite, cheerful and helpful.  The bar was closed for refurbishment so can't comment on that.  A non-alcoholic drink and a packet of sweets coming to around a fiver was OTT though.

Ah yes, tickets:  What a faff about to try and actually book something!  In this day and age of (ahem) fighting climate change, do we really need large, thick, cardboard tickets just to see a film?

The building interior is starting to look worn with normal wear and tear; however, there are two rather prominent cracks running through the Ground Floor.

Great that it was busy when you attended, perhaps due to the genre of films I watched, that could explain why only one cinema was full (the smaller one) but that said, there was a film on in the other main cinema at the time.  It wasn't busy.  When I have wanted to watch mainstream released films, I've never been able to get tickets for films on at a suitable time unless I wanted to take a day off work and watch during the day.

Live music?  Never attended a live event there yet, I'm still waiting for all these groups who would be flocking to play at Mareel actually materialising as opposed to the 'who, never heard of 'em'/'copy acts' that seem to be appearing.

Not a lover of popcorn so hey, not pleepsing on about not being able to buy fresh popcorn there.  


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I was dubious about it to start with but really feel that Mareel is wonderful facility that is used and loved by many.  It is never empty and has many functions, not just film.


If I have a slight small miniscule peeve is that I would like a ballet at Christmas every year.  It has become our family tradition and one we love. There wasn't one last year.


But apart from that, I am very glad Shetland has Mareel. It is a real asset.

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@Frances144 - They have had some good ballet films shown up here though and considering there's a lot of other places throughout the UK that didn't have those shown at their local cinemas, I think the fact they were shown up here shows that Mareel have gone the extra mile.  It would be nice to see a ballet at Christmas, but I guess that depends on what is on release ballet-wise, plus what mainstream films are the season's 'must haves'; it be nice to think that the likes of The Nutcracker were deemed to be 'must haves'.

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