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Mareel - Cinema & Music Venue


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Press release from Shetland Arts

The quest for a name for the new Cinema and Music Venue is finally over. After months of consultation, soul-searching and head-scratching, the Trustees of Shetland Arts have made their choice. ‘Mareel’ was chosen from a long list of suggestions that touched on every notion relating to films, music the arts, and in particular, a sense of place. Defined in John Graham’s dictionary as ‘the phosphorescence seen on the sea, mostly during autumn’, the Trustees felt that this well expressed the sense of magic that they want the new venue to inspire. The public was asked to put names forward for the new venue, which is due to open in spring 2010, and suggestions have been steadily coming in since February this year. Sited adjacent to the new Museum and Archive, the venue is being designed by Gareth Hoskins Architects and will be a further development in the water’s edge regeneration of the Hays Dock/North Ness area.


Director of Shetland Arts, Gwilym Gibbons, said “I believe this is a special name for a special building. It gives the venue a definite Shetland identity which we hope will inspire artists and audiences alike.”


Project Officer Kathy Hubbard said that Shetland Arts would like to thank all the people who phoned, wrote and e-mailed them over the past six months. “There can be no doubt about the creativity of the Shetland public,’ she said, ‘suggestions came in from all over Shetland, and we were presented with a wealth of possibilities. This one really stood out – ‘Mareel’ is a lovely name, and when the new building is reflected in the sea, it will create its own special shimmer on the water.”

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Looks like twa lean-to joined together , and part of it is only 4.0 - 4.5 M above their 0.00mm datum at sea level , so is in breach of the current "policy" that others have to adhere to when extending , or building a new house , which is that no new builds under 5M from high water mark.


Maybe one rule for them and another for the rest o wis...Again. :roll:


I know the "nothing below 5m contour" thing has been used as a general guideline, but the real policy should be "anything shown on SEPA's flood risk maps as having a annual flooding risk of 0.5% or higher (pretty much equivalent to being below 5m for Shetland) needs a flood risk assessment carried out"


If they did a flood risk assessment and it made a good enough case it can get planning permission.

So can any application.

Flood risk assessments are not cheap though, and for most houses it'd make sense to site them a meter higher and avoid the time and money it'd take.

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Sounds pretty twee and very bland to me, but then again I think that of most of the Shetland stylee names public bodies tend to choose for things.... It'll do I suppose....


Personally, I think they should have waited till the building was up and ready for use, and seen if it's presence inspired someone to come up with something with a bit more guts to it. Christening something that's still artists impressions, different dreams to different people, and a hole in the ground where it is supposed to go is a bit cart before the horse IMHO.

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Guest Anonymous

I think da unused burra fish factory wid be a great place ta turn intae a night club , any body interested in joinin a consortium ta mak it a reality?

and dee hay der local dee jays wha can spin da records and we can post sentries on da bridge ta mak sure naebody escapes afore sunrise.

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