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The beat don't stop until the break of dawn!'


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The beat don't stop until the break of dawn!'


Here you are kids, a new mix from yours truly. It was recently aired on Ninja Tune's Solid Steel radio so if you missed it then, here's another chance. You can download this bad boy direct to your boom box with this here link...


Boom Monk Ben 'How's Your Party?'


Happy listening!


1. Handsome Boy Modelling School – Holy Calamity (Tommy Boy)

2. Amerie – One Thing (Instrumental) (Columbia)

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (Acapella) (Grand Royal)

3. Chaka Domu – Mash Up (Best Seven)

4. Mr Benn – Trubble (Leisure)

5. A-Skillz & Krafty Kuts – Tricka Technology (Finger Lickin)

6. Jurassic 5 – Swing Set (Interscope)

7. This Kid Named Miles – Ring Of Fire (Alatac)

8. Jackson 5 – ABC (Salaam Rami Remix) (Motown)

9. The Marvels – Rocksteady (Studio One)

10. Martin Brew – Sand Steppin’ (Fat City)

11. Body Beard Bros – Original Love Injection (Boca 45 Remix) (Leisure)

12. Body Beard Bros – Original Love Injection (Leisure)

13. A Skillz – Modger Fodger (Dub) (Finge Lickin)

Missy Elliot – Work It (Acapella) (Elektra)

14. Architechture In Helsinki – Do The Whirlwind (Moshi Moshi)

15. Empty Heads – Shake (J Star Remix) (White)

16. Trouble Funk – Pump Me Up (Mark Seven Remix) (Sugarhill)

17. David Bowie – Let’s Dance (EMI)

18. Leftie Soul Connection – Organ Donor (Re Edit) (MPM)

19. Kurtis Blow – These Are The Breaks (Finger Lickin’)

20. NERD – She Wants To Move (DFA Remix) (Virgin)

21. Bjork – Big Time Sensuality (One Little Indian)

22. Micheal Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Epic)

23. Talking Heads – Once In A Life Time (Sire Records)

24. Beck – Devil’s Haircut (Geffen)


: insert slayer smilie here :

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One for DnB'rs and I must say I agree with him when he says the Congo Natty Wardance remix is emence..


Morphy's Quasi Febbraio Selection


Send Space





Benny Page - Hold On (Digital Soundboy)

Prizna feat Demolition Man - Fire (Serial Killaz Remix)

Heist & Studio 12 - Creeping Dub (Digital Soundboy)

Visionary feat Peter Ranking - Jungle Rock (Digital Soundboy)

Morphy & 9 Tails Fox Vs Cutty Ranks - The Stopper (Bootleg)

Benny Page - Rub A Dub (Digital Soundboy)

Morphy - Paradise (Direct Dub)

Morphy - Palm Trees (Dub)

Visionary - Gimme Your Love (Digital Soundboy)

Congo Natty - Wardance (Serial Killaz Remix)

KG - Victory - (Dub)

Saburuko - Green Horn (Progress)

Beckett - Life By The Sea (Exegene)

Morphy - Samsara (Nerve Dub)

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Hold up!


Here's another mix from myself that I did for Joe 90's Kiss FM show down in Lahndan town. It's got big city written all over it! Enjoy...


Boom Monk Ben Kiss FM Mix Up Mash Up


Track Listing


Boom Monk Ben Kiss FM Mix Up Mash Up


1. Max Sedgley - Slowly

2. Bjork - Army Of Me

3. Backini - Radio (Product 01 Remix)

4. Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix)

5. Danny Breaks - Duck Rock

6. Son Of Dave - Devil Take My Soul (Remarkables Remix)

7. DJ Shadow - This Time (South Rakkas Crew Remix)

8. Beck - E-Pro (Ghetto Chip Malfunction Remix)

9. Danger Doom - Old Skool

10. The Nextmen - Spin It Round

11. Coldcut - True Skool (Instrumental)

12. Coldcut - True Skool (Open Source Refix)

13. Fort Knox Five - Radio Free DC (A-Skillz & Krafty Kuts Remix Instr)

Jurassic 5 - Turn It Out (Acapella)

14. DJ Yoda - Tip Toe (A-Skillz Remix)

15. Capoeira Twins - 4 x 3 (Mr Scruff Remix)

16. Modeselektor - Silikon

17. Empty Heads - Shake (Nextmen Remix)

18. Jesse Rose & Sinden - Me Mobile

19. Superthriller - I’m Gonna Ask To Leave At 3 (So Call Me)

20. Plant Life - The Last Song (Bugz In The Attic Remix Instr)

M.I.A - Sun Showers (Acapella)

21. Mr Zin - Peanut Butter Jelly Time

22. A-Trak - Knuckle Head (B-More Remix)

23. Smokey boobalubes - Get Up & Dance

24. Beck - Mixed Bizness (Die Fantastichen Vier Remix Instr)

25. Riton - turdehawke

26. Treva Whateva - Dedicated VIP

27. Jazz Juice - Muntino Uno

28. Chopstick - Dub Plate 7

29. Raw Q - Vital Soul

30. High Contrast - Racing Green

31. London Elektricity - The Strangest Secret In The World

32. DJ C - Let It Billie (Dancehall Mix)

33. The Cure - Close To Me

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I'll confess that last one didn't quite get my booty shaking like the first.


Check out this place for a huge selection of online mixes. There is all sorts, mostly from recent clubs or festivals in Holland, but some going back as far as 2000.


Its in dutch so you'll need your wits about you when navigating.

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From the Glasgow Finniston Massive.


For those not lucky enough to have been in Finnieston on Friday night and witnessed the glory of the Nomad 1st B'day - here's the mixes from the free Cds we were giving away...downtempo SEEEEEEEEELEEEEECCCCSSSHHHUUUNNNNNNNNNNN!


There's also a cover to print out and sling in the CD should you choose to burn it as an audio Cd...will get that uploaded later today


My mix...




"Steve Biko" - Tribe Called Quest; "Yo Mama" - The Pharcyde; "Hip Hop is Dead" - Nas; "California Soul" - Marlena Shaw; "There is an End" - The Greenhornes ft Holly Golightly; "Cool Like the Blues" - Justin Warfield

"Red Hot" - Jurassic 5; "Long Long Time Ago" - Javiere Navarette (Pans Labyrinth OST)


Basepair mix...




Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer; The 900 Number- The 45 King; Pacific (Grooverider remix)- 808 State;

Samba da Bencao (4 Hero Remix)- Bebel Gilberto; The A Team// Hash Bar (Pulp Fiction); Flagstaff's Abstract (Linus' Theme)- The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination; Revenge of the Number- Portishead; Monkey Man- The Specials; Justified and Ancient- The KLF; DDT (Panzah Zandazh Paperbag remix)- Kool Keith


Martell mix...




(feat. Caddyshack) Back by Dope demand- King Bee; Jungle Boogie- Kool and the Gang; Hotel Yorba- The White Stripes; One Love (Utah Saints remix)- Stone Roses; Reign (Evil Nine mix)- Unkle (feat. Ian Brown); Nobody does it better- Carly Simon

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Would of been better for yesterday, lying out in the sun with a beer or GnT and chillin.. but better now than ever :D


Summertime is upon us again.

It's that special time of year when a mystical atmosphere surrounds our everyday life.

Time fades and the rhythm of life shifts.

We drift away into some sort of dream world as we wander under the deep blue summer skies.

New perspectives unfold and we discover reality in a different way.


With this month's promo mix I wanted to capture that distinctive summer feeling.

I present to you a selection of smooth, jazzy and laid back tracks for those sultry summer evenings.

A collection of timeless classics from the golden era of atmospheric drum & bass.


The mix can be downloaded at: http://depot.jungletrain.net/jtpromo/51






1. Axis: One In Ten (Good Looking)

2. Jazz Cartel: Blue Haze (Creative Wax)

3. Peshay: The Real Thing (Mo' Wax)

4. The Funky Technicians: Airtight (Remix) (Legend)

5. Jazz Cartel: Expand (Creative Wax)

6. Fellowship: Shake It (Xpressive)

7. Big Bud: Rafiki (Creative Source)

8. Peshay: On The Nile (Metalheadz)

9. Hidden Agenda: The Sun (Creative Source)

10. Voyager: Beatnik (Good Looking)

11. Artemis: Elysian Fields (Good Looking)

12. Blu Mar Ten: The Fountain (Way Out)

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I'm just discovered tonight a show on KISS (freeview 713) called the Kiss 100 breakbeat show, and it's rather good. It runs from 2300 til 0100 and is keeping me oot o bed! Such is the curse of running TV through big speakers. 8)


three minutes to go........zzzzzzzzz

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