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Biggest rivalries in Shetland Sport


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What is the most heated sporting contest in Shetland and who does it concern?

My field is mainly fitba and would say that by the looks o things Unst and Yell have a pretty good rivalry, along with Spurs and Thistle and also Spurs and Scalloway. What about Sandwick and Southend in the Southern League or is there any games in the works' league that players always look out for on the fixture list?

Other sports lik rowing? Cricket? Hockey? Netball? I'm not sure but i'd be interested to hear replies!

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The Scalloway pitch invasion happened in a game between Scalloway and the Police. The police team were forced to change their names to Pumas after the incident and a report was printed in the Daily Record.


Burra were partly to blame. It was Burra regatta day and some of the crowd had a bit too much hooch before kick off !!!

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Delting B vs Mossbank in the B league this year. Things could get messy!


messy aint the word! with mossbank not willing to back down from any team the delts might not know whats hit them when they meet! duffin will be askin for bookings left right and centre! peace out!!

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