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Supermarkets in Shetland - prices, ethics and experiences


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Once Tesco have shut down a small specialist shop, it then stops selling that line of produce, or at best stocks one or two items from the range. There was a specialist Tea and Coffee shop near where I live, Tescos opened a store and their buyers would walk around the shop taking notes, and would sell the same products at a huge loss. Inevitably the shop shut down, we now only have the bog standard tea and coffee range that Tesco sells country wide. Do not be fooled into thinking that they will continue to tie up shelf space with products that don't give a big return - they won't!

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Mr Greenhill from the Planning Department was on the radio Tuesday evening stating that small independent retailers have to find a niche in which to survive. It seems as if Mrs Ali had spotted a gap in the market but is being driven out of the market by the aggressive Tesco who have no care in the world for the local heritage.


I think not imposing any restrictions on the expansion was ludicrous and has obviously been made by people who have never been in the private sector and who have relative job security.


I think it's very sad when hard working people such as Mrs Ali, who probably work very long hours, are being driven out the market which will potentially lead to the Lerwick Town Centre being a ghost town.


I think it's perfectly within the Lerwick Town Centre Association's rights to be concerned. Small towns such as Hexham and Brighouse have seen a devastating effect on their town centres after similar Tesco expansions.


I do agree that certain retailers need to up their game, but who is going to take the risk to start a small business when Tesco can simply brush them aside in one foul swoop?

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then if you look at didsbury south manchester. they have a very good cheese shop, a great greenglocers and a fish merchant.


the specialist will beat tesco. by quality and service. it would be ashame if the asian food place shuts down. but its not tesco thats making them go bust its us. we are prefering to pay less for the same goods. now if your wanting to pay to support them do so but at the moment im trying to save what i can.


a better option would be for the council to wave there buissness rates as they do coutry stores.

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The tastiest mangos in the whole world can be found at World Tastes. They are beautiful and well worth every penny.


Wonton wrappers are essential to my family's existence. I have a small team of children who can make the best wonton soup!


To lose this shop, when all they have been is courteous, helpful, found a gap in the market, invested and filled it, will be devastating and the thin end of the wedge imho.

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Guest Anonymous

saving a few quid in rates is hardly going to keep shops in business Paul, I reckon there will be a few country stores going bust too before long.

Nobody can force you to use your local shop but you will be forced to use tesco if they go out of business.

as for specialist cheese shops etc, fine in manchester where there is a population of million+, no use up here.

use them or loose them, I for one have never set foot inside tesco and never will. I will use the co op if they have something I can't get at my local shop but 99.9% of my shopping comes from my local shop and to be honest appart from the deals like 2 for 1 on crap I dont, need prices compare quite well with the reciepts friends come back with from tesco quite often the local shop is even cheaper than the supermarket.

And first thing next week I am going to make a point of buying a fair bit from world foods, stock the cupboards up with as much as I can, and show them some support.

The fact is if we all spent a fiver a week in our local grocers there would not be a problem, but sadly it is just the few die hards that use the local shops and most ignore what is on offer there to their own and the communities detrement.

If you want big stores and bright lights maybe you should consider living somewhere else like manchester but rember all the turd that comes with living in a place like that.

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Competition exists in all town centres throughout the UK and there are often some of the very big supermarkets all within a short distance of each other in many of these towns. Other traders find a way, through diversity and/or clubbing together, to continue trading. To seek to deny the Shetland shoppers the right to decide where to shop is a form of a cartel and is just not acceptable to those who prefer Tesco; not only because of the low prices but for the shopping experience and the professionalism of the staff there.

Additionally, the arrival of Tesco and their expansion, has brought a big jobs boost to the town. That point seems to have been forgotten.

It is unfortunate that the owner of World Tastes is reporting a decline in trade. If Frances144 chooses to continue to shop there then that is her choice and right to do so. Similarly, it is the choice and right of many to shop at Tesco and that is the way it should be.

However, many of the other "town traders" seem to forget that many of the Shetland residents were buying things online, rather than shop locally, before Tesco arrived on the scene. That will undoubtedly continue to be the case however much they bleat and choose to put it out of their mind. If they were to actually succeed in forcing Tesco to de-stock some items then the online orders would increase again rather than aggrieved shoppers going local, at higher prices, instead.

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i do shop locally and injoy it. i like shopping at the westside shops. however i don't see the need to support a shop that is selling the same goods for more than somewhere else. maybe they should have excepted the managers offer if tescos are selling at less than there wholesalers. as you say they sell very nice stuff. stuff that tesco won't do. that has to be there selling point. and the coop are just as bad but they hide it better. infact they hammer the producer harder than tesco.


odd there was none of this wailing when they put chris hodge out of buissness.

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