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Supermarkets in Shetland - prices, ethics and experiences


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The Co-operative Group is ploughing £2m into it's store in Lerwick in a bid to combat Tesco's entry on Shetland.

The store will increase the size of the store from 11,600 sq ft to 13,900 sq ft to offer an increased range of products and a more shopper friendly layout.


Work starts next month and is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.


Tesco plans to reopen the former Somerfield next month and also submit plans to increase its size from 20,000 sq ft to 30,000 sq ft.[/b]


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Guest Anonymous

It's good to see the Lerwick Co-op putting up a little bit of a fight before they die.

If they had any sense they would save their money and use it to enhance a store where they have a fighting chance of survival.

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so defeatist. As bad as the Coop fruit and veg is, it's miles better than tesco's standard fare, for many of us who don't drive tesco's is just too out of the way. As I've said before I have no plan in shopping there (apart from my winter socks and the occasional bottle of wine). But if they really have employed the eejit that the rumour mill has be mentioning as manager then we've got no worries at all about the store being run anywhere near half efficiency.

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Guest posiedon

You should all read the letter in this weeks Shetland Times from the wife in Aberdeen, she hits the nail squarely on the head, for those of you who think Tesco coming to Lerwick is a good thing...............well I'm afraid you are going to be mightily disappointed.

I don't believe (from experience south) that Tesco will sell local produce, nor will they offer the same prices as they do south, and you folk hoping for cheap fuel! Not a snowball in hells chance, so forget it.

I predict the first shops they will get closed down (this is what they do) will be Leslies and lochside stores, and from there the cancer will spread right the way through the town.

Think I'm being alarmist? I've seen it happen in towns down south, Shetland will rue the day Tesco took over Lerwick.

Tesco are the most unethical company in Europe, if not the world (and they might sue me for saying it, that's another thing they do) sue people who criticize them, a bit like the nutjobs at the "Church" of scientology.

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There's nothing to stop people shopping ethically (apart from £££) - hmmm, probably a pretty big factor with (real) inflation running the way it is.


As far as possible I'd like to think I'll continue to keep using the Co-op now that we've got used to going there.


And if I need milk, bread etc on me wye hom, dir's aye da Soond Service Station.

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dir da sound service station enoo.....


Yes Tesco may bring some benifits but there will be a cost, and some other businesses will close. If they make a determined effort in the non food categories then I think da street might shortly be minus a few existing names.

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Why should the arrival of Tesco threaten any local stores like Leslies and Lochside? In theory, it is just a supermarket just like Sommerfields and Morrisons before them. The only way that local stores would be affected is if Tesco priced really cheaply, and they have already stated that the prices will have a smal premium because of the location.

Seems to me that a lot of fuss is being made by folk who know nothing about it, and who no doubt happily used the previous supermarkets and still used local stores too. Jumping on the press bandwagon of Tesco being bad is just nonsense, and the bottom line is simple - those folk who do not want to use Tesco will not use Tesco, others who want a bigger choice than the local stores can give will use Tesco but I suspect will still use local stores promarily for the convenience factor.

However, I suspect that many of those complaining about Tesco will be found happily shoping in the store sooner or later....

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Tesco are the most unethical company in Europe, if not the world (and they might sue me for saying it, that's another thing they do) sue people who criticize them,



The following is taken from the todays Bangkok Post.


Tesco faces commerce backlash

Retail giant asked to drop lawsuits


By Yuttapong Kumnodnae


The chambers of commerce in the Northeast are opposed to multinational discount store chain Tesco Lotus' court action against its critics and will stop doing business with the company unless it drops the suits.


The move came after the UK-based retailer filed separate defamation lawsuits against three Thai critics through its Thailand representative, Ek-chai Distribution Company, for comments which the company claimed damaged its reputation and business.


In November, it sued journalist Kamol Kamoltrakul for 100 million baht over a commentary he wrote for the Thai-language newspaper Bangkok Biz News.


On March 19, it filed another civil suit, against Nongnart Harnvilai, an editor at the Thai-language daily Krungthep Turakit, demanding 100 million baht in damages.


The company has also filed a suit for one billion baht against Jit Siratranont, the vice secretary-general of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.


Somchai Kraikrutree, a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, who heads a committee on economic development in the Northeast, said the chambers of commerce in 19 northeastern provinces recently met in Buri Ram and resolved to push for the charges to be withdrawn.


In its statement, the chambers of commerce announced that they disagreed with the legal action.


They will hand a letter opposing the court action to the British embassy and the United Nations office in Thailand.


They have also announced they will stop engaging in any activities with the company unless it withdraws the suits.


They will also set up a foundation to promote employment in the Northeast and to protect local small businesses from losing customers to large stores.


''We have sent copies of our resolution to the chambers of commerce in other regions,'' Mr Somchai said.


''We are unhappy with Tesco Lotus' fast business expansion all over the country. We fear its growing operations in Thailand could be detrimental to the livelihoods of local people.''


The number of small retail shops in the downtown area of Udon Thani are gradually dwindling, he added.


The provincial chamber of commerce is ready to support businesses as long as they comply with the laws and the principles of good governance, he said.



We'll see......

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'Sticks its oar in'? What a stupid comment. The fact Tesco are opening and that Co-op are upgrading their store is excellent news for all Shetland folk, and will give us more choice and better service than the Lerwick based supermarkets have ever given before.


You CLEARLY have NO idea what you are talking about! Lerwick, and the rest of Shetland really will regret the day Tesco came to town! You should do your homework, and have a little dig around the internet to see that Tesco is not there to create choice for consumers. ALL independant stores around Shetland will soon be gone. Leave it 6 months to a year, then see if your still saying its excellent news for all Shetland Folk!


Ive seen it all before, after all I come from an area that has 11 Tesco Stores in a 5 mile radius! Your trying to say Tesco is about creating Choice?!

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So far on this thread


The Coop is going to 'die'

Leslies and Lochside stores will close

All independant stores around Shetland will close in 6 to 12 months

Tesco have destroyed EVERY town they've ever opened a store in


Do you guys believe the world is going to end shortly in some sort of huge fireball?


Given the feelings on here presumably someone from here will be organising a protest with placards when Tesco opens it's doors?

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