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Guest Anonymous
there is somone in bressay that does it?!

oh and the lochside guy doesnt do them anymore. ill health me thinks



I think that might be the owner of the Northern lights spa.. Not sure if he still does tatts (think the workmanship was questionable also).

Might be worth asking around to see if you can find some examples first.

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I know that tattoos are becoming very fashionable now but why permanently disfigure your body in the name of fashion?

I have never seen the point of them whether on a man or a woman but perhaps I am in the small minority with my views on this.

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Well I have wanted a tattoo since I was tiny tiny tiny. I could have had it done a good few years back but I decided to wait and see if it was defo what I wanted. I also have thought about lazer removal etc and the costs if anything was to happen etc.

I like to think things through properly before I do them. Especially if it comes to inking my body.

But me getting my tattoo honestly has Nothing to do with fashion...if you met me you would know im no fashion person....I just like to be comfortable.

I couldnt have got the design my little brother got....Think it would have been far too painful!

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I love tattoos they are awesome and I have more than my fair share of them. But guys please be careful where you get inked. All tattoo shops are licensed and tattooing anywhere else is very illegal. You REALLY dont want go get hepatitis or some equally nasty illness from a tattoo. At the very least make sure the tattooist uses an AUTOCLAVE and of course fresh needles for every client. Sorry for the doom n gloom but blood diseases we really dont need.

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