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Vehicle Branding (Help me with my Uni project!)

Which of these car brands would you be most inclined to buy into (given the appropriate funds!)?  

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  1. 1. Which of these car brands would you be most inclined to buy into (given the appropriate funds!)?

    • Bentley
    • BMW
    • Jaguar
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • Rolls Royce

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Mercedes 5, 5, 5* (but subtly), no, 1 about the medallion, but i might surreptitiously harbour a branded watch, wallet, jacket, T-cup, filofax, draars or the like, which i suppose kinda answers three again doesn't it.


* the gadgets! the gadgets! If my drivers seat gives a full body massage, people are gonna know about it, subtly, " ooh i had such a crick in me back until i got it sorted" "Oh how was that?" "Well it was the car, funnily enough".....etc. :P

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Bentley 5-5-3-Yes-2


I have owned a Yugo 55GLS, a Skoda 120LSE and a Kia Mentor in the past, amongst many others. I am not a car lover really. I always felt that there was so much more bang to the buck for a bike. Even my Kawasaki KLR650 (single four stroke) used to give the Golf VR6 a challenge away from the lights.


The Skoda was funny to drive. You would sail past someone in a Beemer 316 flat out at 80 and they had to overtake you back! It was so unreliable and with the birth of my son I sold it and bought a Saab.


The Saab experience was a strange one. It was like joining a Gentleman's Club. Other Saab owners would nod or wave as you went past. It was big white and gutless though and so I used to spend my time slip-streaming faster cars along the motorway. The problem was that they mistook it all too often for a police car and would slip into the middle lane. The Saab would run out of steam so I would have to pull into the middle lane too. You could see their head movements becoming more and more animated and they would think that they were going to be pulled and would slide across into the inside lane. Again the Saab would run out of steam and I would have to get behind them.


I had parked illegally for free in a private car park with the Skoda for the best part of a year. As soon as I parked the Saab in the same spot I got a notice on my wondow requesting me to move the car as this was a private car park. As I went to move it someone came out of an office and started lecturing me with the line "if you can afford one of those then you can afford to pay for parking".


It looks like you can't win!

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Super! Thanks fir all the responses so far.


I'll probably lift the info in aboot 5 days and do all me sums so I can get it aa doon on paper in time.


Which company did du choose madcow, if du dusna mind me askin?


Keep 'em comin!



P.s. Can I quote de trout? :lol:


Sorry, it was the JAG, I just presumed everyone would think it was the best!!!

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