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*sludges through the mud *

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Really ! Must prepare the deck chairs for the annual airing !




Now if only the croft could diversify into mud baths as a healing therapy !





I'm crossing my fingers things clear up for monday, really really really have to get off Fair Isle & to lerwick for 10 days so i can get these courses done & we can open up as a B&B in may, if i dont make this round of courses we is gonna be in trouble !




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Da eart haes never borne a weight sae sair

Hard wid he be o hert at cood ging by

A sight sae helpless in hits meesery;

Dis croft noo does like a weet swab wear

Da tumald o da mornin; sockin, bare,

Grinds, crubs, gaets, middins, an runnicks lie

Open apo da rigs, an below da sky,

Aa dark and dreepin in da bitin air.

Never saw I rain sae trooly steep

We sic faerceness, infield rig an hill;

Never hae I seen da mid-toon drains sae foo and deep.

My Lord! Ta think wir twatree sheep

Ir lek dis night tae smore apo da hill.

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