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nappy changing facilities in Lerwick town centre

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So I was in the Peerie Shop cafe enjoying one of their wonderful hot chocolates with all the trimmings when my 3 month old decided to fill her nappy.


Where does one go to deal with such a problem?


I went across the street to the public toilets and there are Baby Changing Facilities Available Here signs plastered all over the place. But where? I checked every cubicle and corner I could think of, and then went to try the disabled toilet (quite often that not baby changing facilities are in the disabled toilets) and it was locked! A sign indicated I could cross back over the busy street and obtain a key from somewhere if required. I didn't bother, I just changed her on the countertop in the public toilet.


I've spoken with other mother's about this problem - the supermarkets, Bolt's and the Havley are the only places that we could think of that have nappy changing facilities. Since the Havley isn't always open that means one has to trek halfway across town which is not always pleasant depending on the weather.


Anyway, I thought I'd just ask on here.


ps. what do people do if they really need the disabled toilet and they find the door is locked, how awful!

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