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I am now back in Mumbia, I have enjoyed my 11 month vacation back in

Shetland. I shall not be back for another 10 years and I expect there will be a great many changes by then. Last time I was home the Internet was unheard of (by me anyhow).


I shall not be posting after this as I shall be working in the countryside

and be lucky to find electricity let alone a laptop.


I dare say some of you will be glad to see the back of me. (Trout wrote)

Note Babsy that you come across as a very bitter individual with that post.

Who are you to pass judgement on a Shetlink community member in such a manner, pray tell?


A missionary, Trout, who sees people with real need die needlessly. Open your eyes it’s a big world out there and babies are born by the roadside every day, unfortunatley for them their parents can’t write letters to housing associations.


Gods Blissins tae you aa.


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Luv dee an leave dee!


Let me point out that commentary was made in relation to this post here and to keep it in context the actual and whole quote is here. Originally posted in the Housing in Shetland thread. When the commentary is read in the context of the whole thread it is what it is!


Take care and don't let spiky fish upset you too much ;)

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