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A night of original music 21/07/07


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Guest Pronto

similar thing hapnd to me in flints...got asked for my id by staff whilst sitting in seat, gave her id (driving license) , she said it was a fake! I wasnt only 18 but it was the day of my 18th birthday (fake id sayin it was my 18th, pretty pointless before then dont you think). I had (legally) been in the pub for a total of 6 hours before the incident.




If youre going to the bura gig and are over 18 id advise turnin up as early as possible, young eens get foo afore hand and wid usually turn up tae a 9pm start between 10 an 11 30. Lookin forward tae it! Hoop yoo pit mare on!

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The Burra Public Hall would like to let everyone know that we accept the following as proof of age.


1, Photo Driving License.

2, Passport.

3, Young Scott Card.


Sorry but we cannot accept any other form of I.D.


Any persons found to be attempting to take alcohol into the Burra Public Hall will be permanently excluded.

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I think you may find more appropriate threads where you can post this nonsense in the Shetland News forum.


Illegal immigrants wouldn't be "ALOUD" Young Scots' Cards, them being illegal and all that!


Dont worry, thats just Diminormite, he says stuff like this just to see who takes it seriously and who can see his sense of humour.

Unfortunately he is my brother. Just ignore him, im sure he will go away.


To Diminormite: if you come on here and be like you were on Cyanide forum i will not let you stay at mine... :P

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Cheers to everyone who came along to the hall. Was a really great night all round, the guys from City City Beat really loved how enthusiastic all the shetlanders were about new music. We hope to have a repeat of this round Christmas time but with 3 south bands instead of 2.


The acoustic gig on the fri night at Blinky's was also a great success. I believe that this sort of living room gigging is the way forward for shetland until the music venue opens.


Thanks again.



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