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Where are you off to next?

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Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Mumbai, Tokyo and then the fast flight back to Vancouver.


This is always contingent on the Indian visa coming back in time. Thankfully I have two passports, or I would never be able to go anywhere.


The Indian Visa office in Vancouver is one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had with any Government agency, anywhere in the world. Organized, ordered and with extremely helpful staff, who take great pride in their work and true satisfaction in genuinely helping the customer.

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Prague in September, any advice!!


Was there a few years ago, Feb 2007 I think - well worth the visit. Good tram service around the city although we also did a lot of walking as well.


Ask a local for restaurant recommendations. We did and found we could eat well very cheaply.


Beer is expensive in the Old Town Square, the farther back you go the cheaper it seems to get.


Take a camera if you're into photography. Some excellent night shots to be had.


The only Czech I learned was "oochet prosim" which means "the bill please". I think. Could mean "I'm an idiot" for all I know but it seemed to work.

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Toronto on Monday, get back home to Vancouver on Wednesday night.


Then off on Friday to Delhi and India for a week, and a fast week in Portsmouth on the way home. I'll be able to replenish my stock of fruit gums and Marmite. :D

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In Bangkok for a few days then home. Stopped in Athens for a couple of days on the way in here. In the last three weeks I've been to Philadelphia twice and Washington DC once.


I'm tired and with this trip, done for the year. I don't intend to go very far over Christmas, that's for sure!


Happy travels to everyone for 2011.

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