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Where are you off to next?

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Ferry goes from Algeciras or Tarifa (www.tarifa.net) - recommend going from Tarifa if you have wheels as Algeciras definately worth a look though but port more hectic. Drive from Algeciras to Tarifa is amazing - 100's of wind turbines over the hills and it's only about 20 km further down coast. Tarifa really good place to hang out for a bit. Agree with previous post on places to go in Morocco - also Chefchouen is beautiful (all painted blue in Rif Mounains) and not as far from Tangiers as the other places. Grand Taxi from Tangiers an, em, experience - crazy drivers in old battered Mercs. or bus. Worth bit of a drive inland in south Spain too if you time. Great to have car - I got one for £300 for 6 weeks from easycar.com....

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In Zimbabwe, Africa, you will find the magnificent Victoria Falls, at a height of 128m.



The location is known as the Devils Swimming Pool. During the months of September and December, people can swim as close as possible to the edge of the falls without falling over.


These falls are becoming well known amongst the radical tourist industry, when more and more people search for the ultimate experience.





not going yet.. but would be cool :)

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^^ I doot dey wid be brawly saft an little wirt be da time dey wan trow, wi da want a decent transport gyaan is da craa flees.... Da shunner a fish wins idda pan eftir he laeves da wattir da bettir. Im herd telld da auld Eunson man hed da richt plan, he tuk da tengs a fire ta da craigs wi im, an hed dem streight aff idda hyuck upoa da pan. :lol:

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