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More immigration controversy

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I never thought I would be ashamed to be British but after reading this I Can only assume that the home Office is now being run by a raciest and a complete moron a dirty bunch of sleazy crooks the first thing labour did was give them self’s a pay rise in 1997 any thing to line there own pockets they swept into the Houses of Parliament like Turds on top of a dirty wave we will ban sleaze ect what a bunch of liars



Joy Bowman

petition at No 10 web site

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Should family members of those serving in the forces automatically be granted citizenship?


I, personally, don't think so.


The inefficiency of a system which allows years to elapse before a final decision is taken means that asylum seekers and their families develop roots in British society. Those roots then make any removal appear all the more unjust and illogical.


From Mr Clegg, the Liberal Democrats' home affairs spokesman, I agree.


"Joy's sons' role for this country is a factor which can play a part in her case."


From Mr Clelland MP, I agree again, a factor.

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It would be a complete nonsense to grant citizenship or permission to stay to every battered wife (or husband) who claims asylum in the UK. Indeed I think that this lady should have been put on the next plane back to Jamaica as being a battered wife is not really grounds for asylum.


That said it is within the power of the government to allow this lady to remain either as a citizen or as an alien with the right to remain indefinitely and the same extended to her daughter. Unless there are relevant facts we have not been told this looks like a case where the government could act with compassion. Having two sons with citizenship, having lived in the UK for a long time and having behaved like a good "citizen" in that time all ought to swing a decision in her favour.


Is the Home Office run by racists as Para Handy claims?. Probably not at the higher levels although I suspect that some of the staff at the "customer interface" or whatever Lunar House is classed as in these newspeak days have become so hardened to the tales of woe told by asylum seekers that their reaction is to disbelieve everyone.

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I agree with you just me.

But there are also corrupt offical who pass asylum claims etc when they shouldent. Such as the case that wasent to long ago, in that case the guy had been an asylum seeker who had been accepted here then given a job decideing on others which seemed odd to me.

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The issue for me isn't so much that they should automatically be granted citizenship - more than these boys were only in the country because their mother took them there - so either the whole family should be allowed to stay or none - the boys themselves weren't seeking asylum, so surely they have less right to be in the country than the mother does, in some way?


Allowing them then to be part of the forces and therefore stay is surely a little bit backwards - is it a case that we will let people into this country if they are willing to demonstrate their willingness to fight for it, by joining the army?

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I never thought I would be ashamed to be British


I've been feeling that way increasingly the last few years. For Heaven's sake, this family seem to have done everything as right as you could ask and STILL they get treated like this. Bl**dy disgusting.


... like Turds on top of a dirty wave ...


Sounds like my "bathwater" theory of society ... the scum floats to the top. :evil:

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But is you start giving asylum to people because they had an aggressive partner that means that you would have to give asylum in theory to every country in the world.


Indeed that would be an unthinkable situation. People claiming asylum as battered spouses should be sent straight home......unless the person doing the battering is some head of state in which case perhaps they should be allowed to stay.


Not the bit about "straight home". This case is different because the lady was not sent straight home but allowed to stay for presumably a good number of years. That and the fact that her sons are now UK citizens has convinced me that natural justice would be for her to stay. Forever if she wishes.

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