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I just read an interesting article about how businesses in the North of Lerwick have been affected by the roadworks next to the power station. Chris Hodge claims he's had a 50% drop in trade. Should the council compensate these businesses?


I live right next to the roadworks, and saw the tailbacks that were caused during the first few days of traffic lights, which were shocking. Do you think the council was right to implement the one-way system?

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I don't see why the council shouldn't have to pay compensation to buisnesses when they take that long to resurface a relatively short stretch of road.


When working in Norway I witnessed their roadmen resurface a similar length of road/pavements in a small town such as Lerwick and it was blitzed in two days! Now there might have been more to this job such as renewing pipe-work but come on! For me it sums up our council.


A one way system is better during peak times with lights in-between.

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Compensation?......well they did not pay compensation when they were disrupting Commercial Street with the crazy paving scheme.....thats the scheme that was crazy. Certainly that farce hit shops hard. On the other hand it is "our" money they would be handing out and I suspect that compensation paid would be recovered by council tax.


Of course old cynics like me might well wonder if the timing of the works had any connection with Chris Hodge and his other problems with the council. Surely not.....?

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