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Norwegian music


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Has anybody heard Norwegian music? Any opinions or favourites? The traditional music is at least similar to traditional Shetland music.


Maybe I could impose some samples on yous guys. :D


Heres one I don't know what to classify other than folk music.


Heres a tune from the String Sisters from Shetland, Norway, Sweden, USA and Scotland (I think).


I'm personally not fanatical about music so I just listen to whaterver I find good...

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Cheers for the links Freyr. Some interesting stuff


I'm into quite a few Norwegian bands/ artists. Here's my top 3



"BigBang" are a brilliant rocky 3 piece (from Oslo I believe). The frontman, Øystein Greni, is a great guitarist and singer, and the "Electric Psalmbook" album is a cracker - www.smallbang.net


Here's a couple of live tracks




"Jaga Jazzist" is a kind of experimental jazz/ techno/ jungle/ whatever else 10 piece band. I'm listening to "The Stix" album as I write this. I'd forgotten how good it was. Thoroughly recommended to lovers of the way out.... www.jagajazzist.com (tons of mp3s n stuff on the website and a link to their myspace)



"Sissy Wish" is a quirky female singer with a kind of nasal, but nice, voice. I bought the "You may breathe..." album after seeing the "Annoying" single on Norwegian TV. I still listen to that song every couple of days www.myspace.com/sissywish

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I saw Big Bang live some years ago. It was in a quite "intimate" venue, but the lead guy still did the stage dive and played guitar while being carried about by the audience. At that point it was about half a meter or less between him and the ceiling :D


Turbonegro is one Norwegian band which seems to have gathered quite a good international following.


Morten Abel also got some attention from a certain city after releasing this song:

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I'm a big fan of Backstreet Girls, old Norwegian rock'n'roll band:





I think this is one of the world's most underrated and original bands, even if their style is a mix of AC/DC-Ramones-Quo-Chuck Berry. Such songs as Gypo and Rattlesnake Charlie are among the best rock tunes I've ever heard. The band have obviously influenced Turbonegro, Gluecifer, The Carburetors and hundreds of other less known Norwegian bands.

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Frigg are an excellent fiddle group. They are a mixture of Finns and Norwegians so I think it qualifies as Norwegian music.






As it says on their website:


'Frigg is a multitalented Finnish-Norwegian seven who produces fresh Scandinavian folk fiddling accompanied by fretted instruments, upright bass and endless energy. The style they represent is a mixture of Kaustinen (Finland) and Nord-Trondelag (Norway) -traditions flavoured with a taste of americana and irish folk music.'

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I like


Motorpsycho - www.myspace.com/motorpsychopage

Recently saw them at The Melt Festival in Germany and they were the loudest band ive ever seen!

The International Tussler Society (with members of motorpsycho) - www.myspace.com/theinternationaltusslersociety

Turbonegro - www.myspace.com/turbonegro - guitarist called EuroBoy! :lol:

Vasel - www.myspace.com/vasen

Real Ones - www.myspace.com/realonesmusic - They were in Aberdeen last year, brilliant, wah-wah mandolin!

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