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Would you kill the bear ?

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This is what their argument is.


One should have had the courage to let the bear die then," said Wolfram Graf-Rudolf, head of the Aachen Zoo, cited by the Sueddeutsche newspaper.


The zookeeper, who has watched the hand-rearing of two animals, said Knut will find life intolerable once bars inevitably come between him and his carer.


"Each time his keeper leaves him, and he can't follow, he will die a little."


Frank Albrecht, an animal rights campaigner, had started the debate in the mass-circulation Bild newspaper by declaring the zoo was violating animal protection legislation by keeping him alive.


"If truth be told, the zoo should have killed the baby bear."


Animals similarly rejected by their mothers in captivity have in the past been killed. Last December, a baby sloth was put down at Leipzig zoo after his mother refused to care for him.

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If the little bear had been left with its mother to die had she not changed her mind about rejecting it I suppose we could all have accepted that it was "just natures way". I do not have too much of a problem with that. Once man has intervened to "save" the cub from a slow death I certainly do not think it can be right then to kill it.


The issue about the cub getting attached to man and then being separated at what ever age to lead an independent life in a zoo is not so very different from nature. Bear cubs get trained by the mother bear giving them the life skills they need to survive in the wild and then get sent away to do their own thing. If anything probably more traumatic than this little critter getting trained to live in a zoo.

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'thats nature' or 'natural selection' doesn't really apply anymore in society. We've beaten it because we give medical help to people who would die otherwise: weak, fat and old.


Don't get me wrong, I like living too, but I don't think that nature comes into this.

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But it's a wittle bear, a itty bitty wittle bear, so cute give it here I'll bring it up proper like it can have the cat food, {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} it it can have the cats, I'll hug it and pet it and teach it to fight let it practice on me (** MOD EDIT **) neigbours (** MOD EDIT **) dug, in a few month I could make one cute wittle slavering death machine, stick it in a pit where it could fight whatever you throw at it and help my itty bitty bank account.


(** MOD EDIT ** - mind noo me peerie joowel dat dis is a family site!)

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weel family joowels tae dee too, bit maybe doos right I wiz being a bit tough on da dug and me choice of name wiz innapropriate being that it's female the correct term I guess would be that she really is a "BITCH". Funnily enough me neighbours female too but being that I have an irony deficiency I better sit and ponder on it.

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