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What is your IQ (honest!)

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When I was at school, a master with a taste for horrible puns put me in the "grossly intelligent" category (ie 144 and up).


This makes me intelligent enough to agree with Fjool's observation that the tests are very culturally based and not worth that much. If you were a member of one of the tribes Ray Mears likes visiting, you'd be rated an idiot if you couldn't survive in the wilderness / jungle, and there probably aren't many Mensa members who'd pass muster there.


All isn't lost if you're not Mensa material, though (the "brightest" 2%). If you're a member of the "stupidest 98%", there's always Densa. Wikipedia has an article, and it puts the whole IQ business into perspective. :)

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Two-year-old girl has IQ of 152


A two-year-old girl has astounded experts by scoring 152 in an IQ test - already putting her in the top 2% of the population.




And given that the parents have given an IQ test to a two year old, I would be surprised if their combined IQ was as much as their daughter...

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