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Standing Stone in Wester Skeld


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I am trying to find out a little more about out local standing stone in Wester Skeld, shown on the ordnance survey map as Yahaarwell.

There is one stone standing and one fallen. The fallen one is believed to have fallen over in the recent past. There is also record of neolithic knives being found in the vicinity and being taken to a museum south.

Does anyone have any older photos showing the two stones standing or know any of the history surrounding them?

Has anyone any information, pictures or record of the knives?


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Thanks Seahorse, I have had a look at the website but cannot find ithe local stone. But there are some good pictures and references to other sites around shetland.


The stone is mentioned on the shetland museum website, with a photo, but gives no more information than we already have.

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Wow, was is supposed to be possessed? The stone is visible from the road as you pass through Wester Skeld.


There are two stones, half a dozen burnt mounds, neolithic knives were found at the base of the stones, old OS maps show other features that (including the standing stones) look like a circle. Along with an exorcism. Looks like there could be an interesting history behind the area.

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In the book "Memories of Westerskeld" by Catherine Deyell she tells a story, presumably from previous generations, of a group of young men going to the standing stones one New Years morning and pushiing one of the stones over.


I asked my father who was born and brought up in Westerskeld about the stones but he had heard no stories about them, I'll ask my uncle next time I see him as he might remember something.


I hope no one is getting confused with the tall thin standing stone amoung the houses between the Kirk Yard and the Chapel?, That was taken from a quarry and placed there some years ago by the crofter who owns the land.

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