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Should the police be routinely armed?

Should the police should be routinely armed?  

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  1. 1. Should the police should be routinely armed?

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I agree with most of what you say but do you want to see the police routinely armed?

The joke I made was to point out the absurd nature of the suggestion that because criminals start using a certain weapon that the police should start using the same weapon.

I do respect the police in general and actually think that most of the problems with the job they do is as a result of bad laws and government policy but also that they are human and therefore just as fallible as everybody else.

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This debate always reminds me of when Robin Williams, in one of his stand-up shows, was talking about the British "Bobbies" and the fact that they had no guns. He said that if a British policeman was chasing a criminal the best he could do was shout; "Stop...or I'll shout 'stop' again"! :)

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The problem I would have with arming the police is simple, they dont always arrest the right person. Also over the years we have seen police in shetland that I would not trust with a rubber chicken never mind a gun!

Dont get me wrong, I have nothing against the police but we do get a few power crazy officers coming up that think the uniform equalls them with god!

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You don't like what they do or how they act, join the Police and change it from within, all you big, clever thinkers out there. Walk the walk. I don't like the service I get in Somerfield sometimes, that doesn't mean I think that every shop worker is an ass and want them to beat one another to death with cans of beans on television.


Perhaps not, but would you join somerfield in an attempt to "change it from within"?


Of course we need the police and of course we should be grateful for the work they do.


It doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of coppers I've met have been beligerent, sarcastic folk who seem to enjoy the power they have just that little bit too much.


This is only my personal experience from what little dealings I've had with them. Logic and common sense dictates that they can't all be like that.


However, if you meet 9 officers in succession who fit the above description, is it so wrong to think that the 10th might be the same?

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