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When I saw this photo, I got to thinking ...




... this guy feels as if he landed a monster. The article says it was half-dead when they landed it.


Easy to see how, hundreds of years ago, a few guys in a yoal would have major problems if one of these was hooked... O_o


Sea-monster and no doubt. It's practically a kraken!






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I hae a copy o the same book. A jolly good read http://www.outpost221.com/images/pugwash/pic_1.jpg     Check these things out for real sea monsters. I'd love one - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ekranop

Yep, anything that big, multiplied by the standard "fishermens measurement" and you've really got a fearsome beast on your hands.


I seem to remember that manatees were similarly attributed as being the origin of the tales of mermaids:


What can i say? Not sure if it's more to do with longevity of sea voyage or that women have improved their appearance greatly in the last 200+ yrs

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Funnily enough. (My boy) Managed to inadvertently catch one of those about a month ago (09/03/2007).


Caught a little yellow-tail that we were going to use for bait. Just as it was having its last dying gasp, a critter crawled out of its mouth. I returned it to the sea as it was obviously its lucky day!



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