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Good food in Aberdeen

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Hi all


Wondering if anyone could recommend any nice restaurants in Aberdeen? Meeting up with Family in a couple of weeks and trying to think of somewhere nice for a meal. Don’t want to go for specifically Chinese or Indian but somewhere that does a little bit of everything i.e. fish, steak etc


Any suggestions?



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The Ashvale Fish Resteraunt up Ashvale Road is exceptionally good. Try the Ashvale Whale - finish it and get a free pudding. You'll never want the pudding as it's two huuuuge haddock fillets ;)


Down Holburn Street (left at the top of Union) theres a great little place called Josephines - they do an array of contemporary styled dishes.


Halo's quite contemporary too - on Union Street.


Wander along Langstane Place too for some nice eatery/pub type places.

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Bistro Verde at the green is really good they specialise in fish but also do a wide range of other stuff but best to book a table as it's really popular.

Also the Mariner Hotel on Great Western Road do's good bar food and also has a nice restraunt. Never had a bad meal in either. :)

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When I lived in the 'Deen (which is, admittedly, a few years ago now) Cafe 52, down on The Green was always very good and reasonably priced. Also, The Olive Tree, out at Queens Cross, was good, if a little pricier.


Both of them would do pretty classic European food, and both did excellent fish and steak.

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Not sure whats all on the menu but the Illicit Still does some pretty good grub.


Edit:- Menu is available on their website -->



Yup, the Ill-Still (I'm cool) is een o my favourite waterin hols. It is more kindo pub-grub you get, but you get a fair whack fir your money, especially we a student discount :D . They hay a good selection o whiskey an the atmosphere is great.


If you do decide tae go there I wid have a back-up plan joost incase. Every noo an ageen it seems to get absolutely packed for no apperent reason. Also, if there's a big fitbaa match on it'll be hoachin.

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