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Having Your Shopping Delivered


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I miss the burn of the plastic handles digging into my by-then lifeless fingers.


I shop Tesco online for the simple reason that I think it saves me money despite the charge. You can view all the BOGOFs and the like at the click of a button and you're not tempted by 'browsing' through the isles. You also know exactly how much you've spent.


In Lerwick, I dunno, there probably isn't the demand for that sort of thing - it's a pity because I think alot of ppl would use it as it really saves time and you avoid the queues.


Also, Tesco have a bad rep, but they forgot my milk once. Not only did they refund my money but they also gave me £10 off my next shop. Not bad for missing one item off my list.

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I would have thought that the old folk would use this service to save on home helps etc


Excellent for them, they just phone the shop n get what they want delivered without the aggro and the stress n strain - perfect


I think some country shops do provide this service - not much use for the old folks in the town though.

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Ironically, many years ago, I used to deliver shopping to the customers of the shop in which I stacked the shelves. This bike weighed about the same as half a dozen mountain bikes of today and with all of the weight over the little wheel I would career across the road trying to get the thing above the speed at which balancing is impossible.

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Tesco deliver all over Shetland mainland, not sure about islands.


There is no charge but I guess they make a loss on the fuel so they don't advertise. There is another thread about it somewhere. They are not allowed to advertise on their vans, but have to offer the service as it was a condition when they took over. I feel a bit sorry for them so I only get them to deliver a big lot of shopping. The manager said something a while back out delivering for functions too? Have to check that one.


You have to go in and pay for your groceries and they will deliver later in the day for you.


The drivers are very nice :D


The number for the customer service desk has changed, it's now 01595 480807. Ring a couple of days in advance to be sure :)


Should Paul Clelland be reading, I know you have to do it, but I'm very grateful that you do, thanks very much!

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