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Alternative Energy Production - Tidal / Wave etc.


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There should be more research into zero point energy as that would solve a lot of problems.


Please explain what linkage there is between a quantum mechanical system and tidal power?


Please read the thread title.  He/She doesn't need to 'explain'.  Zero Point WOULD be an 'alternative' to the current 'Fossil Fuel' model.

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> research into zero point energy


Any interesting links regarding that ?


I reckon Polywell fusion looks the most promising, shame we are non-nuclear up here..


Now, would zero point be considered nuclear or non-nuclear I wonder.. ?




Loads of "Zero Point" clickbait on YouTube..  In fact, there are so many "experts" that I am surprised we still do not have it. :ponders:


I daresay that there is a lot of research being done by many governments but, most likely, we will never hear of it until they can find a way to a) use it to kill people and b)monetise it.

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> Loads of "Zero Point" clickbait on YouTube..

I know, so many its hard to know which are worth watching !

As such, if I can, I like to try recommendations, to try and watch the ones that are the most promising.

Polywell Fusion:

> Polywell Fusion: Electrostatic Fusion in a Magnetic Cusp

> Should Google Go Nuclear? Clean, cheap, nuclear power (no, really)

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