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Definitely not cupidity


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Do you think if you were passing by you would stop? I reckon I would have. That guy was amazing. I'm amazed more people didn't give him anything at all. It must have taken some guts to play a Strad out there too. I wouldn't even consider busking with my gibson accoustic, and it's worth about 1000 times less!


I suppose the number of people with an appreciation of classical music or even fiddle music in that context would've been fairly limited.

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Do you think if you were passing by you would stop?


Sadly, no.


I spend almost all day every week day listening to buskers, and you just get into the habit of switching off. With one or two exceptions (people I already know have good voice or good playing skills) I switch off the instant I realise they are a busker. Maybe thats partly the guilt thing the article talks about, there is an effort made to NOT listen


There are lots of reasons not to stop, there is only one reason to stop, and you need to be on the ball to recognise it, unless you are young enough apparently.

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