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any Mac Safari users out there?


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Is anyone else having problems watching channel 4 online with safari?

I have not been able to see anything on the '4 on demand' page at all for a long time - just get a black page - can any other Safari-using folk use it ok?

I'm on Safari 13.0.3 {refuse to update the mac any more, keep losing applications, on OS 10.15.1 and staying there}

For some reason I can now watch some channel 4 programmes live. Sometimes...

I ended up phoning channel 4 a while ago, and they said the problem lay with safari.


Has anyone installed another browser that doesn't argue / interfere with safari?


{I don't have a TV. No smart phone or ipad... wonky hands and eyes thanks to MS, thinking maybe end up getting a cheap laptop for going online}


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I primarily use a Mac, and also Safari can be troublesome with 4OD, and some other streaming services too.

So I use Chrome for streaming, and Safari for everything else.

I'm not a fan of updating operating systems or applications unless absolutely necessary, but my 2012 Macbook can't run the latest versions of Chrome and Safari which throws up problems with some websites. There are other browser options, such as Opera, which are worth exploring and are less demanding on older Macs.

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Thanks Davie, the browser I found last year recommended for Mac was Brave. I didn't want to install anything else on this imac

It's what my pal uses and recommends, and my latest search came up with it again {using Duckduckgo}.

I did once find a blog with 'how to update safari without having to update anything else', but I really don't know what I'm doing... or how to un-do things!}

I know a Mac user who refused to update any further than Snow leopard - did a lot of audio-editing type stuff, he must have another machine for going online?


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