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Baked Tattie Fillings - Mmm Hot Tattie


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[mod edit - title changed to include - Mmm Hot Tattie - on 24/04/09]


As I am planning a baked tattie for my denner, I thought I would make a thread about tattie fillings. This won't be as good as my sandwich thread, probably because I don't have as much love for baked tatties as I do for sandwiches but I think it's worth a discussion at least.


My 2 favourite fillings are -


Beans, Cheese and Bacon




Egg Mayo and Cheese - although it's important that the egg mayo is made with actual mayonnaise, and not that salad cream nonsense...which is the road my local baked tattie emporium go down.


I'm feeling a chilli filling today, but I just don't know.

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I agree with the cheese, beans & bacon but I'd add a little bit of finely chopped onions into the mix. Smoked sausage occasionally replaces the bacon if I fancy a change.


When I'm making my own at home I like cheese with a stir fry vegetable mix consisting of spring onion, peppers, cherry tomatoes, broccolli & courgettes. With a side salad and dressing it's scrummy.


All this talk of food - I feel a mid afternoon blood sugar slump coming on............!

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1) beans and cheese (hot beans on top of the cheese) if it's cold out (or I've had too much to drink)

2) cottage cheese and pineapple if I'm feeling fat.


I haven't been adventurous enough to try anything else, I'm a stickler for eating the same thing at each of the different places I frequent.

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A baked tattie with freshly roast chicken and salad is tasty.


Tuna, cheese and hot sweetcorn is also pretty good after a few pints!!


My old fav from the tattie shop before the new owners, was chicken supreme!!! Mmmmm, I was soo upset when home for a hol and no chicken supreme :cry: :cry:


Chilli con carne and cheese.


Mince (really this is just mince and tatties but it looks differant)


Tuna Cheese and hot beans.

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