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Shetland wool vests.....Agony or Extasy.....

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As a child, I was regularly given a hand knitted vest of extreme itchyness as a christmas pressie, and was forced to wear it 8O Has any other poor soul endured such pugatory? or perhaps it was extasy!!! Or is there another knitted item even more painfull to wear! your views would be much appreciated.

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OH god yeah!!!!!!!!!! - My great Aunt used to make them for me for the winter. "it'll keep de warm" 8O ....groan.

There were long and short sleeved ones - hellish scratchy, had to use baby talc to get by :? - I was mortified at Primary school when we had to do gym in vest and navy pants! - so my 'unique' woolly vest was on show to the hoots of my peers. :oops: shudder............... nasty!

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My aunt knitted my sister a authentic Shetland Wool Fair Isle thong for her henny...


That would be types of itchy that I don't even want to think about!!


I'm not sure if she ever wore them but they could explain her bizarre dancing later that night at Posers. Or maybe it was the double gins.

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