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Evil Dead and or horror movies genre!

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"Kids, wet pants or likers of beautiful happy things-GET OUT-"

Now then, presenting the unholy trinity of










although admittedly Eddie got his ass kicked 3 times in the Howling,

Pennywise got his ass kicked by a bunch of kids,

and the Kurgan got his head chopped off by a frenchman.


"Incidentally the pulsing lumps in the werewolfs head was done with condoms being inflated and deflated.

Robert Picardo was getting choked by them during filming."

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On pet cemetary, the sequel is a laugh as well, with back from the dead zombie cop Clancy Brown Aka"the kurgon" ... Haven't seen or heard of desperation, but will keep an eye out.

hadn't heard there was a sequel - another one on the list to look out for.


desperation - should get round to watching that soon will let you know if its worth it



not sure if it is horror but


the wickerman


have you seen the new one yet? a bit of a mixture IMHO many parts were just a messed about remake that just didn't seem right set in the US but there were some good bits as well

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Haven't seen the new wickerman, I hope they did justice to the singing girl with the dancing bottom scene.


:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:



noting could replace that scene :D


but not a bad film anyway ........ especially one unexpected scene- not including blonde bums 8)

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The only stephen King to cross over to screen in any worthwhile sense was Salems Lot, the rest were a sad reflection of the original work.


I can't comment on the novel "Misery" as I haven't read it but it's a top movie. I still cringe at the ankle mutilation scene.


Anyone read it? How does it come across as a movie compared to the book?


Moving on. Same year as "The Howling", let's compare.



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I can't comment on the novel "Misery" as I haven't read it but it's a top movie. I still cringe at the ankle mutilation scene.



I liked both - the book was very good but the film had the advantage of the ankle scene - that really did come over better on the film


makes my ankles ache just thinking about it :o

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Guys, hate to say it but the Howling films can only wish to be a hundredth as good as American Werewolf in London. Going back to the Evil Dead thing about comedy horror AWIL was almost banned because censors couldn't decide how to rate it. I think the quote was "A horror movie shouldn't be this funny and a comedy shouldn't be this scary". The scene where he changes for the first time won an oscar, the first oscar to be won in the horror genre and to this date it is the best thing John Landis ever did, well that and the Blues Brothers.

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