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I was rather taken-a-back to see a human being still using comic sans. I thought it was outlawed in 1066 when King Harold attempted something very similar; much to the dismay of the Normans who promptly shot him in the eye with an arrow.


Having said that; I didn't get far enough past my comic sans induced stupor to notice the rest of the work...

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Quote from the bottom of page 3


"The Shetland Independent Newsletter has no political or religious affiliations."


However, looking at the keywords in the page source for page 1, "Euro-sceptic, anti-Europe," are amongst those listed.


Can you be Euro-sceptic and anti-Europe without being political?

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Yes, it is interesting that he claims to be "independent" and that he giving Shetland a voice, yet he has clearly made his mind up beforehand what he wants Shetland to say.


I wonder if he'll have to change the name when nobody votes to da peerie poll.


Did anyone read the story of Thulina? It's hilarious.


I noticed the very small writing at the bottom of the editorial claiming that the newsletter is published by "Real Aerofoil Wing Sails Ltd". Who's that then?

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Hi everybody, I didn’t realise I was causing so much interest!

Some of you sound pretty grumpy was it something I said?

Let me answer some of your comments:

Website design – just a temporary page. Euro-sceptic metatags left over from something else. The new site will be live just before publication date, which is W/C 30th April for ZE1 & ZE3 postcodes, W/C 7th May for ZE2. I think the Royal Mail got overloaded with election stuff, so they had to split my deliveries – same will apply next issue.

I didn’t realise Comic Sans was a crime – but then there’s a lot I don’t know. I want the newsletter and the website not to look too slick and professional in case it puts people off from getting involved. Not being from Shetland, I have an uphill struggle anyway.

‘Newsletter of the year’ is a gentle bit of fun based on The Shetland Times header – I thought people might realise that.

I claim no medical qualifications, but I’m very interested in health matters. Before dismissing what I write about cholesterol, check out the book and the cholesterol link I give – some pretty heavyweight people back up what I’m saying.

Pete Docherty? Ah well..

The Muckle Poll? We’ll have to wait and see, but if people do use it, it could make a major difference. I hope it may provide the basis for a new partnership between the SIC and the electorate. Wouldn’t you like to have been asked before they wasted £5 million on the Bressay Bridge saga? Don’t you think the people of Shetland are entitled to have a say before the equivalent of £500 per household of their money is just chucked away? 75p. is a small price to pay to create that sort of partnership – if it works. It’s not up to me to ask the questions – anyone can.

If it is to work, it must go to every household. Not everybody has a computer, but just about everyone has a phone.

The whole thing would be pretty pointless if it was just a soapbox for my point of view. I do have strong ideas – some people may think they’re cranky, but I back them up on the SOUL website. As far as the newsletter is concerned, I will take contributions from anyone and publish anything as long as it’s legal.

To me, ‘Independent’ means free from any obligation to political, religious or other organisations. It should be intensely political in the broad sense if it is to work – The Muckle Poll is about as political as you could get, but it’s about opening up democracy, not pushing a particular party line. No public money is involved. The whole thing is funded by the advertisers, to whom I’m very grateful, and any private donations should people feel so inclined.

The newsletter is published by Real Aerofoil Wing Sails Ltd., my own company, trading as The Shetland Independent Newsletter.

It’s been a lot of work over the past few weeks, but I’m enjoying it and I now wait with some trepidation to see what the reaction is.

At least give me credit for trying something!

I hope you enjoy it, but if you want to use it for some other purpose, that’s your privilege. :D

Stuart Hill.

P.S. I’m not sure what Ramsie was getting at – maybe he’d like to pm me?

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I wish you all the best of luck with your venture Stuart. Some folks are quick to poo poo ideas without giving them a chance

Yes, of course Stuart should be given a chance and hopefully his newsletter would develop into something interesting and useful - it is very early days. However, he is putting something out to the public, repeatedly asking throughout the newsletter for comments. Therefore, one has to be prepared for all sorts of comments. >


I'm willing to allow him the benefit of the doubt, wish him well with it and wait to see how it develops over time.

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Well when its a mag promoting pseudo-science then it isn't bound for success in my opinion.

If it's not accepted mainstream, does that make it pseudo? If you read the book, or follow my website link: http://www.ravnskov.nu/cholesterol.htm you might reach a different conclusion. Not everything is as it seems in this world. Many people believed Tony and George about WMDs in Iraq. Do we still believe the official line?


Warm thanks to everyone who wrote encouraging comments.:D



I'm getting about 150 spams per day at present, so it's easy to miss something if the name or subject is not familiar and they go in the deleted file. If I don't reply to emails, that's probably what's happened - I don't intentionally ignore them. Does anyone have any suggestions about spam? Please pm if you do.

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So if 40 pence from the poll goes to the running costs, and 10 pence goes to local charities does it mean that 25 pence goes to Stuart Hill?


I don't expect Stuart to make much money out of it but to expect people to pay to vote on something seems ridiculous to me. Maybe I'm wrong but this Muckle Poll thing will sink without trace.


Good luck with the rest of the newsletter though Stuart. I admire your passion for Shetland. And things like Nelson Smith's views might be offensive to some people but I think it's good to give a public forum for some of the more weird ideas circulating within society, on the whole.

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