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^^It must be the lure of getting into every household. Can't think of any other reason. However, businesses should think of their public profile and be careful who they associate themselves with. Would you want your business to be associated in people's minds with the Shetland Independent Newsletter??!! :shock:


I'm guessing many haven't looked at it or have scanned quickly through the paper copy making sure their ad is in.

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I'd like to roll up issue 1 into a nice cone shape and ... ... Even better would be to have a photographer there to picture the event for the cover of the next issue.


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"tackling subjects you will not find in the mainstream press or media"


Exactly what subjects are these? I have read all of these magazines so far and apart from the alternative health stuff (which Shetland Post used to do) I can't think what he's referring to.

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Just seen the latest edition of the Shetland Independent Newsletter.


When 'II' magazine was published I was interested to see if there was enough of a target market for the publication to be sustained in the long term. With excellent photography, professional design and a very affordable price in relation to the quality appearance, I think 'II' magazine has found a niche in the market alongside the well established 'Shetland Life'.


The only unique selling point in the Shetland Independent Newsletter's favour is that it is, indeed, free. Even if the publication was 10p, I don't think anyone would purchase it due to the fact it has very little substance. Image quality is very poor and a majority of the newsletter is full of its own adverts.

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