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What is your fav song at the moment?


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Damn wasnt expecting that! ..not quite sure what I was expecting but it certainly wasnt -that-!


:lol: :lol: yip its pretty out there! Great great band tho


going to the other extreme this is awsome too....

Alela Diane - www.myspace.com/alelamusic


Ok I think I prefer that one , but hey its alldown to mood isnt it ..a bit of something for every occasion. The former would suit those PMS-ing days me thinks! :lol: I spend wayyy too much time on myspace as it is , just had a track recorded btw thats on there but far too much of a newbie here to start plugging just yet :twisted:

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As of fairly recently Sartori in Tangier by King Crimson. It has just the right level of "eclecticity" if you know what I mean. I found a youtube link but it doesn't do it justice so I haven't posted it.


Previously probably Sheep by Pink Floyd.

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Drive by argument:

They drive, they go by, there is some sort of argument apparently.

The name comes from a 'Family Guy' quote


I was on the same university course as Drive By (as the cool kids call them) and Stu the guitarist lived upstairs from me. I was at their first gig with my then girlfriend, who's now their manager. Check me :wink:


The video was recorded at our uni on a budget of zero (well maybe a drink or two for the zombies)


They're now signed to Lizard King, The Killers label





P.S. Ryan the bass player has an uncle who works on the Yell ferry

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Due to me leaving the cd cover and magazine on the ferry I haven't a clue who this track is by or what it is called.. tried to find out but when I go to the magazine website the print is to small for me to make out the track listings :(


but been listening to the cd loads and this tune when it comes on, always brings a smirk to my face, not only because it is amusing but for some reason I always think of perriebrian too :)




I can almost imagine an up helly ah squad doing an act to this :P

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