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Get Shetland on the new Monopoly board!!

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monopoly are making a new game http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6598151.stm and you can vote to try and get lerwick on it http://www.monopoly.co.uk/vote.aspx Exeter is highest with 446 so im sure we can beat that!


(** MOD EDIT ** Title changed to Get Shetland on the new Monopoly board!! from original monopoly)


  • 1. Goto
2. Click "Want to vote for a wilcard location"
3. Put "Lerwick" as location
4. Put "Shetland" as county
5. (optional) Put "It's Britain's most northerly town!" as reason
6. Fill in your details
7. Press "Cast Vote"


Note that you can vote once per day. ;)

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I just did it too with "It's Britain's most northerly town!" ;) Everyone should get stuck in! Go on ... you know you want to!


Note: anyone having an issue with the @ symbol when entering your email - it's the flash thingy pulling an American keyboard layout :roll: The @ will be above the 2 where the " should be!! Hold shift-2 to get the @. HTH.



I also note we can vote once per day too :)

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