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Get Shetland on the new Monopoly board!!

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I added my vote. Created a 'Toonopoly' board a few years ago, it is harder than you think.


Staney Hill hostel, Hoofields and the like took the lower properties while Snob Hill escalated to Mayfair status.


The train stations were replaced by pubs (although they could have been ferry terminals), while electricity and water was replaced by NOSWA and Hydro.

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My colleagues and I once began creating a 'Foodopoly' board, where each square was similar to the existing names, but with a food theme. For example:


Red Leicester Square

Old Kentucky Fried Road

Angel (Cake) Islington

Picallilly Circus


and so on. If I remember correctly, we had most of the squares named but would need a board in front of me to remember what we'd chosen for them all.

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If you put Lerwick on a Monopoly board giving likes of snob hill mayfair status there may be the risk of certain over sized small town egos actually disappearing up their own arses, which though in itself may be a good thing, the reverse would also apply to hoofields and the hostel being designated the lowly Kent road spot.

Some dogs need no extra encouragement to live up to a bad name.




I'm voting Fetlar since nobody lives there and there's nowhere to go, it means we can chuck the bloody monopoly back in the cupboard and go out and do something less boring instead.

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