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Hidden talents


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In another topic we were discussing the idea that while others might see you as being rather ordinary or even boring you could have a hidden talent or interest.


What's your hidden talent/interest/quirk/claim to fame?


Mine's is that I was the only female nautical teacher (in schools) in Scotland at one time. (damn, there goes the anonymity...)


What's yours?

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Jacqueline du Pre's sister taught me the flute!!!


Also, I make films - they are featured on Channel 4's documentary website, FourDocs.


My mum is a famous sculptress.


My sister was on the panel for choosing the UK entry for Eurovision many years ago!!!


Aaaah! Fame indeed!


oh yes, and Bernard Levin trod on my toes at a concert.

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My great great great (i forget how many greats) grandfather was the lord mayor of London 100s of years ago, apparently. It's not that impressive really - who can name 1 mayor before Ken Livingstone? Still, it was something to boast about when I was in primary school...


Other weird/semi unique things i have done:


Appeared on the front page of the aberdeen evening news dressed as a viking


Swam in the sea off Balti-isle in unst (colder than space)


eaten a deep fried scorpian (last week - tasted like metal and batter)


Composed a shetlink response to a thread from the hippy town of Pai, Thailand, when i really should be out in the sun or catching up with other correspondence (now).

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