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When Prince Charles came to Shetland for the Milenium show I climbed over the barriers walked up to him and said "Sir would you like to come to my house for tea" After much deliberation he promised that on a return to Shetland he would indeed come to my house for tea.


He never came.


And I was the first person in Britain to own a Mew Pokémon.



I'm not sure if they are really talents.

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To go back a few comments, I can name the last Mayor of the old London GLC.

It was Ken Livingstone.

Also I can name another Lord Mayor of London, Dick Whittington!!! Everyone knows that.


My other unusual encounters.


I have met Ricky Gervais. (excuse the spelling)

I threw flowers at Princess Diana when she came to Shetland in the early 80's, and never got arrested.

I was at a festival and Paul Brady asked me to pick the next song.

I've seen a dog "try it on" with a sheep, BBBAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I know a girl with webbed feet.

I have walked up the same street as Keifer Sutherland, only about 6 paces behind him. Unfortunately I was too gutless to go right up to him and say "Hi, long time no see." Think it might have been funny to see him try to place my face.

I have nearly died.

Never been hit by a stationary car, but I have cycled into one.

I have walked to Tingwall, most people are clever enough to walk away form there.

I was on the old St Claire when apparently it should have sunk but didn't, some kind of freak wave stopped it sinking, don't quote me on that though, as we only found out the next day and I missed the Shetland Times that week to see if it was true.

I have peed up all the lanes leading to Commercial Street.

I have more friends than you on Bebo.

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I can repel females with a single chat-up line....


My physics teacher told me I have the highest electrical resistance he has ever seen in a human - though requested that I try not to prove the theory by sticking my fingers in a socket (maybe not strictly a talent)


However I am disappointed that I can't roll my tongue, though I have yet to be placed in a social situation where this would be a serious advantage.

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Oh, I have appeared on two different TV news programs on the same day in two completely unrelated articles, and I have been up the antenna of the CN Tower in Toronto, making me for a brief moment the highest person on any freestanding structure in the world.


Hmm, not really talents I guess, more random timings but it keeps the thread alive. My real talents are so well hidden that I haven't discovered them yet...... :D

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a stationary car


Is that one of those cars that deliver pens and papers and such?


Ummmm, no....that would be a stationery car....


A stationary car wouldn't deliver anything :lol:


HAHA! *blush* I can't believe I said that. I've just been reading a bit in a magazine and saw the word "stationery", realised my error and decided to run back and delete my horribly embarrassing message... but you've gone and replied to it!


Forgive me!


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