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Ever want something when you were a bairn that you never got

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I always wanted a pair of scholl sandals that were wooden with a white strap across the foot, you could tighten them as they had a buckle. Needless to say I never got them as my parents didn't have the money to buy them. Later in life I got a pair and I never liked them as much as I did when I was a bairn.

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A pony!


It's all I ever wanted. My parents said no and sent me to boarding school. If they didn't want to see me, all they had to do was buy me a pony and I would have been far less trouble.......3 boarding schools later, I left home the day term ended.

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Yeah there was.... when I was a kid I always wanted a pony, which I never got... as I was told that riding lessons were sufficient... (hmph!!!!!).. but alas as soon as I was 21 after working with horses when I left school I got a couple of my own... and then proceeded to work with them ever since. I guess sometimes patience is the key!



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