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Would you have left your kids alone?

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Your newspaper research on this subject until recently has lent some credibilty to your 'hunt' up til recently Koy, you undermine any case you have presented so far by starting to present your opinion as fact. That is to say that there is no evidence thus far that the McCanns did anything other than behave as irresponsible parents. Your opinion is your right, but so is everyone elses.


Perish the thought that anyone should actually have cause to celebrate the victory of their speculation should a body be found.


Perhaps it is another valid angle to put ourselves in their shoes and try to understand how you or i would behave should we ever find ourselves in a similar situation. Whatever their speculated crime, these are two people under an immense burden of stress and any human, normal or otherwise, will be found to behave, at times, in an erratic fashion as a consequence of this situation. Analysing their every move is for the professionals in a position to view every move to judge, i feel.


And, as i feel necessary to say so, again, i am not "pro-McCann", nor have i been.

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Perish the thought that anyone should actually have cause to celebrate the victory of their speculation should a body be found.


I'm not playing for a 1st prize ribbon, no one can win anything here.

Whatever time turns up, we can only hope true justice gets the gold;

"and that goes for if my theory gets shot down in flames"


Your opinion is your right, but so is everyone elses

I shall write it out a hundred times.

I wont most likely do much with it, but I do half understand what yer sayin.


Analysing their every move is for the professionals in a position to view every move to judge, i feel.

I wouldn't offer any that I've said to the court as it's a job I dont envy and I already checked with the cops who told me "No I cant go out and shoot the people I dont take to"

So anyhow till I get some expert back up, I'll leave the gossip for news, Which I see by the NEWS ALERT on the telly is that the McCanns attended church today.



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Fair enough, way to debate Fifi "no wonder you only mod on a Northmavine forum"

Do I? Are you absolutely sure? :lol: For your information, I ran the Northmavine Forum from its inception until recently, when I chose to give it up, and made the Northmavine website.

I shall return to under my bridge for a lurk, since you have so much for the thread you must need to say on offer.

Unlike some people, I don't know what happened to Madeleine..

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Since when did putting inappropriate remarks in inverted commas make them acceptable?

Acceptable since people started attempting to place their own little troll labels on folk they dont agree with

How do you know I don't agree with you? Big on assumptions, aincha?! And, to be precise, I said you were developing troll-like features.. :) Dang! I've gone an' broken my own 'don't feed the troll' advice.. :wink:

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The current Burn-The-McCanns-At-The-Stake Movement being championed so righteously on Shetlink by KOYAANISQATSI seems to be a direct response to their domination of the news agenda. I agree that coverage by the 24-hour outlets has sometimes been laughable in its lack of value, but that's not really the fault of the McCanns, who (perhaps) were and still are doing whatever they can to find their daughter.


The tide seems to be turning against them as "Portuguese officials" are being quoted in newspapers all over Europe detailing exactly what the case against them entails - And they are now of course legally unable to refute any of these allegations (some of which are ridiculous IN MY VIEW) owing to their status as "arguidos".


Whatever happens - KOYAANISQATSI's blind certainty that murder and an ensuing large conspiracy theory solve the riddle of Madeleine's disappearance is intriguing. Perhaps the Portuguese authorities should interview a friend of mine whose psychological profiling of Kate McCann all but assured her guilt - His summation:


"She hes a bad eye in her heed."

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The forgotten victim in the McCann case


A life has been destroyed after the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Perhaps two, for we do not yet know Madeleine’s fate, and perhaps we never will. But for Robert Murat, the one-time suspect whom much of the British newspaper industry and parts of the Portuguese media casually decided to convict, a life lies in ruins. There is no redemption for Mr Murat now, not if the Angel Gabriel should appear on television to exonerate him. The name alone brings a shudder.

But nobody closely involved with this case believes any longer that Mr Murat is anything but an innocent man. For the rest of the world, however, glancing in passing at headlines and skimming news reports over its coffee, the name Murat is now synonymous with “creepy oddball and obvious suspectâ€.

Now watch the British media at work. Exercising a courtesy not extended to Mr Murat, I shall name neither papers nor reporters. Let the headlines (in italics) and reports that follow provide a handy journalists’ guide to assassination-by-innuendo.


“ MADDIE SUSPECT BEHAVED JUST LIKE HUNTLEY: Kidnapping has weird echoes of Soham case. The prime suspect in the kidnap of Madeleine McCann interfered in the investigation as soon as the search for her began, it emerged yesterday. Briton Robert Murat, 33, even tried to comfort Madeleine’s distraught parents, Kate and Gerry, in the hours after she was snatched . . . One holidaymaker said: ‘There was a feeling that his behaviour was similar to that displayed by Huntley.’ Murat was said to have volunteered to act as a translator . . .â€


“ Maddie: Russian ‘pervert’ quizzed by cops. A Russian computer ace linked to suspect Robert Murat was being quizzed last night . . . Sergey Malinka, 22 . . . who helped Murat, 33, set up a website – was picked up in a police swoop . . .


“ HUNT FOR MADDIE: POLICE IN NEW VILLA SWOOP COMPUTER RAID. . . Malinka, 22, said he . . . worked on a computer owned by the one-eyed Briton . . . Meanwhile it emerged there is an underfloor chamber at [Murat’s] home, 100 yards from where Maddie, four, was snatched as she slept in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz a fortnight ago . . .â€


“ Revealed: The cellar in suspect’s villa. . .‘There is a hole in the floor that we used as access when we were putting all the pipes in, so it’s big enough for a man to get down inside.’†“ His girl is the spitting image of Madeleine. Robert Murat has been pining for his four-year-old daughter Sofia, a ‘spitting image’ of missing Madeleine, friends revealed yesterday . . .â€


“ Sex secret of Madeleine suspect: Briton ‘shared’ the wife of pool cleaner at villa. While friends and relatives portrayed suspect Robert Murat as a devoted family man, a darker picture emerged of an irritating oddball who loves to be the centre of attention. A one-eyed estate agent, former car salesman and turkey farm worker . . . it also emerged that Murat was caught up in a bizarre love triangle . . .â€


“ One minute the Murats were happy with their new life in Portugal, the next their marriage was in tatters . . . his wife never said why it ended FAMILY FRIEND: Friends of Robert Murat’s ex-wife told last night how she suddenly walked out on him — but she would not say why.â€


“ A PHONEY ALIBI? 11.40pm call on the night she went missing. Murat told police he was at home in bed†. . . Detectives are said to be concerned that though Murat and Malinka claim to be only business acquaintances they were captured on CCTV speaking animatedly . . . Murat also rented a hire car for three days after the abduction, possibly after he realised he was under police surveillance.â€


“ The police haven’t told the family what is on Murat’s computer. They want to shield them. . .†. . . And so it went on for about a week: a week in which Mr Murat saw his good name torn apart. The damage done, a cautionary note then crept in . . .

“Despite the discoveries, nothing was found to connect Briton Murat to Madeleine . . .â€

And, months later, nothing has been. There is speculation that the Portuguese police will formally exonerate Mr Murat soon. I don’t even know he is innocent. But I do know that, though “innocent until proved guilty†is a counsel of perfection, and though it is sometimes impossible to write useful reports without fingering guilty and innocent alike, there are still limits — cloudy though they must necessarily be. Reporting in this case has smashed right through them.

The whole disgusting business, the whole media-driven infatuation with this little girl and her parents, the whole sick, morbid, sentimental campaign of news generation and news manipulation, has been a disgrace to the British media.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

It's all relative.

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This thread seems to be slowly going down the route of a bairns playground fight.


At the end of the day a peerie lass has gone missing. She may or may not be dead (although if past statistics are anything to go by then she is more than likely a goner).


At this moment in time there is no evidence to show that it was a random stranger or the childs parents that caused the disappearance of this young lass. There is however lots of speculation. Thanks to KOYAANISQATSI for bringing this to our attention.


I was dubious of the McCann's story right from the beginning. Mr McCann looks like an evil sausage if ever I saw one. Doesn't mean he is though. Until more facts are brought to light then this is a story that is worthless to comment on.


The tabloids can and will keep printing speculation about the case until the public is fed up with it. They will then move onto something else, such as Mystic Meg getting lost in Uranus.

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Does anyone really expect a satisfactory conclusion to this case, did anyone ever expect it, and even if one was apparently got, could it be trusted to be just? The Portuguese emergency services are a collection of inept racists from what I've seen unfold of their work in the past, unless you're a Portuguese national, they apparently don't seem to give two hoots, the attitude is distinctly one of "Oh, sh*t happened to you in Portugal, tough, go home foreigner...." And pity help any situation where a foreigner is the innocent victim of an incident, and a Portuguese national the prime suspect for causing it, the whole thing will disintegrate in to a sea of chaos until it is swept under the carpet. The McCann case right now looks very much like it's well in to the chaos stage.

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I'll let it lie fur noo, "the peasants are revolting"


(One for the road)This may have started as a tragic point in alternative parenting, but even without media hellines, there were little things that kept skipping in my, as Gibber puts it "struggling brain" So I ran with me hunch, "Never get out off the boat unless your going all the way" and all that.

If I pissed any one off, well I dont want to get all Stuart Hill on you but it's not my problem. I was just giving my answer to the question, "Where's Maddy" and it remains my belief that Gerry and Kate should be the ones being asked the strongest questions.

But what do I know, I for one hope to pootle for the twins sake I'm wrong.

But I'll leave the last word to Gerry. He knows the score.



Examples of body language:


pulling at the ears.

Intresting comment on the comments bit on this one:

He says "they'll answer any queries.. and any tests they want to do" What kind of tests would that be Gerry?

:?: Hmm, indeed what tests, on the corpse or what did he mean, cause if she was alive no tests would be any use for drugs.

What tests do you refer to DOCTOR McCann.


P.S that's the first I've seen that ear pulling anwer on vid, but it dosn't encourage any more faith in him from me.

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It should be noted that things such as 'ear pulling', etc are neither universal, nor limited to indications of lying. Stress and other factors, along with having an itchy ear, are likely to produce this behaviour.


Indeed 'body language' is as fallible as ordinary language and can be used deliberately or understood wrongly, just as for ordinary speech.

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