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Would you have left your kids alone?

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Be my guest, and dig out the ones that cause you such concern, I would love to hear it.

Dont bother getting the one I put where they said they would take a lie detector test as I suspect it was one of their poor trusting freinds who said they would.

I would think it highly unlikely they would volunteer themselves, cause lets face it if they did, they'd be screwed. Maybe not legaly, but if the truth got out I think their blank cheque funding would dry up pretty damn fast.


As for your question what I suggest doing to find her, a lie detector test on them two is a bloody good place to start. The allround time, money and effort this could save would be vast and the PJ could get back to work looking for other missing kids from their own country and not the fly-tipping murder bag of two British doctors.

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That's a bit rich since you've been adding to the hype!

Posting on an internet forum of my dismay at watching child murderers fool half a nation into thinking they are the victims of a multinational tragedy is not aimed for my profit. Indeed as I have stated, I would be a tenner down if they just took the test on the polygraph but as I also said I'm sure my tenner is safe. Most of us I'm sure would jump at the chance of shutting up my type, if the opportunity was there, the McCanns dont seem to think so. If you have something in their defense, then again, I would love to hear it, but I guess I'll have to put up with more posts in referance to ME.

Really Fifi, this obbsession you have with me must end now, it can go nowhere. Well, not to Northmavine anyway.

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Really Fifi, this obbsession you have with me must end now, it can go nowhere. Well, not to Northmavine anyway.

In yer dreams, KOY.. :wink: :lol: It's not my obsession with you > that's the crux of the matter - it's your obsession with the McCanns. :roll: But there again, no-one forces me to read your posts. >

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Do you know something that the Portuguese Police don't ?


The police cant ask them to take the test and the McCanns know it.

Have them take the test and I'll show you the obvious that me and the Portuguese Police know fine bloody well, along with many others.

Or did you just nip in to cleverly point to me as a potential child killer again.

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that's the crux of the matter - it's your obsession with the McCanns.

I dont see it as "obsession" more a hobby really, but if I help one person thinks twice about giving one penny to 'them', then it's been time well spent.


does that make me a masochist?

On your other (erm) points; I hear clothes pegs are fun.

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As for your question what I suggest doing to find her, a lie detector test on them two is a bloody good place to start.

I think you've got a bit too much faith in lie detectors. Aldrich Ames ( the CIA analyst who spent nine years spying for the Russians ) managed to pass a number of routine lie detector tests.

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I think you've got a bit too much faith in lie detectors.

Like I said, the point is they wont touch the test with a barge pole, knowing that they would both have to beat it.

It is not legally binding but I'm pretty sure it could provide some pointers, what with them being two of the worst liars I've ever seen. I'd pay up the tenner if they just took it, my faith lies in the fact they WONT. But even if they did and both passed with flying colours, I still wouldn't believe them.

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More malicious hype here:



Antonio Amorim, the vice director of the Pathology and Immunology Institute at Oporto University, defends that DNA transference from a piece of clothing or from a sandal into the boot of a car is “virtually impossibleâ€. The scientist guaranteed to CM that the hypothesis is merely academic and that he does not believe it could happen.

“Theoretically, there can be contamination. But the hypothesis is virtually impossible, as the quality of the residue would have to be acceptable. There would also have to be perfect moisture conditions for the transference to occur, which is only possible in academical termsâ€, the scientist assures, also refuting the other explanation that was advanced by the child’s parents yesterday, that some of the collected residues could come from their twin children.

“When one tries to reconstruct DNA, one searches for target areas. A person’s DNA has a large interindividual diversity, something that is completely different, even among siblings. There is a kind of tombola among that which is transmitted to us from our parents, and it would be a gross mistake from the laboratory to mistake the DNA from the other children. It is again virtually impossible, as we are dealing with one of the world’s more prestigious labs.â€



I have heard/read several people wondering why the McCanns are still preferring to use an old photo of Madeleine in the promotional posters and on the tee-shirts rather than one of the photos taken on the holiday in which she looks older and more like a little girl than the younger toddler of the promotional photo. The much more recent photo of her in the pink outfit on the playhouse doesn't look like the same child as in the campaign photo. Perhaps it is as simple as parents not realising how much their child had changed in a relatively short period of time, but its continued use could be taken as meaning the family don't believe there's any hope of her being found so what difference does the use of an old photo make?


How was Jane Tanner, the witness who remembered so late in the investigation that she had seen a man carrying a child in a blanket, able to describe the colour of the man's clothes and of the child's pyjamas, when she had only caught a brief glimpse? Originally it is reported as her having seen a man carrying what might have been an object or a child in a blanket - a couple of reports further on it has become a child, a little girl wearing pink pyjamas - in fact, it's undoubtedly Madeleine. The McCanns are reported to have 'forgiven' her for not realising it was Madeleine.


Did Kate leave the twins alone when she ran back to the Tapas bar to raise the alarm, even though she believed Madeleine had just been abducted from where they lay? If so, how did she decide it was safe to do that? Did she not have a mobile phone - was she not able to shout and wave over to the Tapas bar from the door of the apartment if it really was anything like being at the end of the garden? It doesn't make sense. Perhaps she called a neighbour in to sit with them...or perhaps Gerry was with her and remained in the apartment - the reports contradict themselves, and no doubt there are many details of this case which have not been made public.


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Mr Qatsi,


Please feel free to read the quotation appended as my signature. It is as relevant now as when it was first written, particularly when it comes to certain of the Press, and any such affair. (A purely personal viewpoint, of course)


A more modern quotation, which is equally relevant, is "Never assume..."


Unless you have the gift of clairvoyance or specialist knowledge of all the details of the case , I suggest these so-called experts and "sources" are experts at self-aggrandisement and little else (again, purely personal).


The fact of the matter is, Portuguese law forbids ANYONE other than certain authorised persons from openly discussing aspects of the case, therefore there exists a vacuum of information. Show some people such a vacuum and they will fill it with little else than vaporous rumours which serve no purpose other than to fill a vacuum in some people's brains (again, a personal view only). And some elements of society are adept at finding "sources" in any establishment that come up with all sorts of "insider information". Peculiar, what? One might suspect that, in speaking to each other and grinding out the rumours, they might even quote one another as "sources". However, I am sure that such could not be the case :roll: .


I know as much of this case as do you, however I have witnessed the allegations vary from day to day and, at times, from hour to hour. That, in and of itself, tells me some small tale with regards to the so called "facts".


Nothing brings out so many "experts" as such unfortunate incidents as this and the human pain and gullinility which follows (yup, personal again).


Incidentally, Portuguese law also forbids - or more correctly, fails to recognise - lie detector tests. So it is a moot point.


And - as has been reported by my fellow forum users - they can be fooled or beaten relatively easily, as it all depends upon the physical responses to the baseline questions asked. I suggest that if two people were cool enough to murder their own child, hide her body nearby, carry on their evening meal, fake her abduction and then exist in the glare and hype of the world's media for several months before allegedly placing her body in their hire care, driving to Spain and burying her remains there before mounting further campaigns, etc, they would be more than cool enough to fool such a machine. However, once again, that is merely my opinion, and while I have the professional benefit of being somewhat trained in such matters, I do not have personal knowledge of the case and nor do you.


I remain your faithful servant... :wink:

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As long as they're at their end trying to tip the scales away from themselves, there will be plenty pushing back.

Why should they be surprised, after asking so many to find their daughter that they find so many staring straight back at them and the big stinking heap of sprootle they have built for themselves.

If those who are wishing to discuss what they find so suspect about these two, and using forums to do it is breaking some unwritten PC law then they can stuff it. I've seen plenty of nastys walk away from court smiling but this has not changed my view of those concerned one bit.

Is the compassion of a few worth what president will be set when these two walk away with murder and a million pound richer to boot.


lie detector tests can be fooled or beaten relatively easily

I couldn't give a monkeys to the result, (as I've twice said) it's the fact that once it was mentioned in the news by an unthinking team McCann member, how fast the McCanns sidestepped the issue. I dont think they have as much faith in their beating it as you do.

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