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How to recycle the Shetland Independent Newsletter

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Guest Anonymous

I haven't seen the paper version of this publication, but.!!


As there are so many people voicing hatred for it and threatening to chuck it in the black bag, the fire, etc..

It dawned on me that there must be some sensible (or not sensible), environmentally friendly ways to recycle it.

I thought of the following:


1) Use instead of fire lighters.

2) Assuming there are no staples (mind I hivna seen da paper version), use it as toilet paper if your bum isn't alergic to printers ink.

3) Use any reply paid envelope that come through your door and send it on to someone else, they might enjoy it, and at least it keeps royal mail busy.

4) Send it to Tony Blair for toilet paper, especially if there are staples in it. :twisted:

5) Send it to Greenpeace, just for the hell of it.. :twisted:


OK guys, that's 5 suggestions,,

Lets have your ideas.... :D


Da Auld Een

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^^^ Hmmm, no sure if I mind it or not. I do recall one thing about the Karhzi's at the Central though, they were to be avoided unless in the case of a desperate emergency. They, or at least the boys one, were dire places, it definitely made the walk across to the public one at the bowling green in the flooer park seem very justifiable.

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Guest Anonymous

So can I deduce from this topic so far, that the Independent is printed on Izal paper, or is a substitute for Izal paper, or should be renamed "The Izal Paper"???? I'm confused now :?


But as usual, we're speaking s***e again :lol: :lol: :lol:

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