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breastfeeding in public

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I seem to be reading a lot about this on the news recently and I was just wondering what the local opinion was on it. Me, i'll nurse pretty much anywhere and I've been fortunate enough to never have been asked to stop. I've not even been aware of any funny or disapproving looks as some mothers have told me about their experiences of nursing in public.



and there's a video link on the BBC/Health site to a "should breastfeeding in public be legalised" - there's been a few more articles over the past week too, like one about how it is illegal in Scotland to ask a nursing mother to stop nursing in a place that serves food.

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^^^ Exactly, it's relatively rare to see anyone doing it, which makes it all the more attention grabbing. Go for it, it's one of the most normal and natural things in the world, and if it were more commonplace it wouldn't be any big deal one way or the other to most folk.

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Just do it ... ;-)


Orkney tourist board used to have a B in its printed brochures for at least the last 15 years or so, telling the folks "breastfeeding mothers are welcome to breastfeed their babies within these premises" ...

and that directly lead to the only reason why and where I didn't want to see it: In a bar like the Ferry Inn in Stromness which especially in the evenings was more like a smokehouse than a bar ... ;-) but that's now a story from the past ...

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Just get on with it. If the little one is hungry then feed them. The rest of us will come to terms with it in time!


My experience has been that mums tend to do it in a very subtle stylee anyway, although I must admit that I have felt a tad embarassed when I have looked over at a woman and then realised what she is doing if she has looked back at me. Strange really as nothing embarrasses me under normal circumstances.


I spent almost a week in a maternity ward when my ex-wife hatched my son after a problem birth and the women there were so used to seeing me that they would take no notice of my comings and goings whilst they fed their offspring so perhaps it is just because it is not usual in normal daily life.


I think that mums should NOT have to go to public toilets to do it.

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Most wimmin don't have huge-double D boobs, so all you can see is a babies head. I don't think its a problem.


DD isn't huge on a pregnant woman.


Move along the alphabet a bit !!


But.... if a woman is breatsfeeding, then she is no longer pregnant assumedly? (though not necessarily...) :) :wink:

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Better da paap as da bottle! I wis bottle fed an' am glad tae say at me peerie lass has gotten da proper start in life at shu deserves.


It maybe seems odd in Britain as its still not necessarily the done thing, but hopefully people are beginning to understand which is the healthier option.


In lots of other countries people just get on with it.

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